ANNAPOLIS, MD – In a recent stride toward agricultural conservation, the Maryland Board of Public Works has sanctioned 14 new easements through the Maryland Agricultural Preservation Foundation. This move, confirmed on August 2, ensures the permanent protection of 1,400 acres of paramount farmland in eight counties. The investment for this considerable feat exceeds $8 million.

Kevin Atticks, Maryland Department of Agriculture Secretary, emphasized the importance of such measures. “Keeping farming viable in Maryland starts with preserving farmland,” Atticks remarked. He proudly added, “Maryland has one of the country’s most successful agricultural land preservation programs. And with these additional easements being approved, 1,400 more acres are secured to provide food and fiber to the region.”

Initiated in 1977, the Maryland Agricultural Preservation Foundation is integral to the Maryland Department of Agriculture. The organization’s primary role involves buying agricultural preservation easements from willing farmers. This acquisition ensures the perpetual protection of both prime farmland and woodland. Maryland solidifies its commitment to agriculture by taking these steps, ensuring the land remains fertile and functional for future generations.

These fresh approvals serve a dual purpose. Not only will they offer a safeguard to these precious lands, but they will also bolster the state’s initiative towards its ambitious Chesapeake Bay target. Maryland has set forth a goal to conserve and preserve an impressive total of over 1 million acres of productive agricultural land by the end of this decade, 2030.

For those interested in delving deeper into the specifics of these newly endorsed easements, a detailed list is available, categorizing them by county, on their official website. This list offers transparency to the public, providing insights into the state’s dedication to agricultural preservation.

This move by Maryland is emblematic of a growing consciousness about the vital importance of farmland in the modern age. As urban sprawl and industrial advancements threaten agricultural spaces globally, such preservation efforts become paramount. Through endeavors like these, Maryland ensures that farming – a cornerstone of human civilization – remains a sustainable, prosperous venture in the state.

With a rich history dating back to its establishment in 1977, the Maryland Agricultural Preservation Foundation is a beacon of hope for agriculturists and conservationists alike. Its continued work, coupled with the state’s unwavering support, is a testament to Maryland’s dedication to its land and people.

Given the significance of agriculture in the global ecosystem, Maryland’s move could inspire other states and nations to adopt similar measures. And as Secretary Atticks succinctly put it, ensuring farming’s viability begins with preserving the land it calls home.

For more details on the Maryland Agricultural Preservation Foundation easements by county, you are encouraged to visit their website.

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