In a comprehensive meeting of the St. Mary’s County Police Accountability Board, the board members navigated through a multi-part agenda, appointing Mr. Leslie Everett as the Vice Chairman of the Police Accountability Board and reviewing an intricate case involving a search and seizure warrant.

The meeting commenced with initial confusion regarding the members present online, with Nick Cromwell, Speaker #1, coordinating the attendance and ensuring the meeting proceeded by the protocol.

Vice Chairman Appointment

The initial focus of the meeting was the appointment of a Vice Chairman. Two board members, Ms. Leslie Everett, and Mr. Tom Felon, had volunteered. Most board members voted in favor of Leslie Everett, with Nick Cromwell calling for the votes. The result was unanimous in appointing Leslie Everett as the Vice Chairman of the Police Accountability Board. “That’s unanimous. Mr. Leslie Everett, thank you for volunteering to be our vice chair,” said Cromwell.

Case Review

The primary segment of the meeting was the review of case #2202, a search and seizure warrant served by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office on August 23rd, 2022. Cromwell carefully provided an extensive summary of the case, which involved an alleged armed robbery by a 19-year-old and the subsequent actions taken by law enforcement. Key details were redacted to preserve privacy and ongoing investigative integrity.

According to the account, the police breached the residence door after a discernible lack of response, cleared the residence, and detained the occupants for questioning. One of the occupants was detained in a patrol car for over three hours, becoming agitated but remaining calm.

A complaint was filed regarding the detention, leading to an investigation by the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office OPR department. The review found that the actions were within the law, and the case was determined as unfounded. However, the board expressed hope for potential improvements in treatment during high-risk search and seizure warrants.

An additional aspect discussed involved the compassion shown by the officers, allowing a father detained at the scene to see his son, who had a panic attack, before being taken to the hospital. “Well, it shows compassion on the officer’s part,” one board member noted.

The meeting concluded with a unanimous decision to adjourn until the next scheduled date of November 16th. Nick Cromwell made final remarks about the importance of future reports and meeting dates.

The dialogue maintained a professional tone, with moments of clarification, ensuring that the board operated with cohesion and shared understanding.

The transparency of the discussion and the detailed review of complex cases illustrate the essential role of the Police Accountability Board in ensuring that law enforcement actions align with the law and community standards.

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