CLINTON, Md. – A Maryland Lottery player from Clinton, nearing 70, won a $50,000 prize but doesn’t intend to change much about his life. As the winner visited Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim his prize on Aug. 18, he revealed that the winnings would be used to check off items from his “bucket list.”

Specifically, the man is ambitious to go fishing in a boat on the ocean and cruise to Puerto Rico. With him to claim the prize, his brother noted that he could combine both activities into one trip and still have money remaining.

Although he has never experienced these adventures, the winner believes they would be an enjoyable part of his otherwise simple life. “I just like the simple life,” he said. Part of that simplicity includes playing the Lottery without dwelling much on where he buys the tickets or the drawings he participates in.

After claiming his prize, the winner’s curiosity was piqued about where he bought the lucky ticket, as he usually buys tickets, tosses them into a bucket, and checks them later. “That’s why I didn’t know where I bought the ticket,” he explained. He finally did check the ticket for the July 22 Powerball drawing and realized he “got lucky with that one.”

The prize was claimed nearly a month after the drawing, and the winning ticket was purchased at Tucker’s Liquors at 8100 Old Alexandria Ferry Road in Clinton. The quick-pick ticket matched four white balls and the red Powerball number in the July 22 drawing.

The winner’s approach to playing the Lottery and his humble aspirations for the winnings reflect an exciting aspect of lottery players in the area. It serves as a reminder that not all lottery winners have extravagant plans for their newfound wealth.

The Maryland Lottery continues to provide opportunities for residents to win significant prizes, and this latest win adds to a growing list of winners in the state.

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