In a notable uptick for local anglers, cobia have recently been spotted in significant numbers in waters around the Point Lookout Pier, attracting the attention of trollers and chummers alike. The trend was confirmed through reports from fishermen using surgical eels as bait, with local supplier The Tackle Box reporting a fresh shipment of the in-demand eels this past Monday.

Fishing enthusiasts have been reeling in cobia off the Point Lookout Pier using live spot over the weekend, according to Ken and Linda Lamb, who recently communicated the news to the local fishing community. Chummers haven’t been left out of the action either, as the live eels that cobia are particularly fond of are now more readily available.

However, it’s not just about the cobia. Local waters teem with other fish, such as spot, croaker, puppy drum, slot reds, bluefish, and rockfish. Anglers should be prepared and bring plenty of ice for their fish boxes.

For those interested in white perch, local creeks and rivers are the places to go. Anglers can cast lures into the shallows with shade and structure or opt for bottom rigs baited with various options, including bloodworms, shrimp, lug worms, night crawlers, or peeler crabs. These can be tossed close to the shore on drop-offs for maximum effect. According to the Lambs, spot and croaker have been abundant in the mouth of the Patuxent River at locations such as Hawk’s Nest, Sandy Point, Green Holly, the O’club, and the Three-Legged Marker. The Potomac River is another hotspot around Ragged Point and St. George Island.

Freshwater fishing is also in excellent condition, especially for bass and bluegill. In addition, catfish populations are concentrated near specific areas, such as the 301 Bridge in the Potomac and above the Benedict Bridge in the Patuxent River.

This upswing in fish activity and the fresh availability of live eels from The Tackle Box signal good times for the local fishing community. Whether you are a trolling enthusiast or a chummer, it seems the fish are biting, and the waters are ripe for angling adventures.

Ken Lamb of the St. Mary’s Tacklebox provided information and images for this article.

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