HUNTINGTOWN, MD – The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has unveiled the winners of the much-anticipated 20th annual Maryland Natural Resource Photo Contest, showcasing the beauty of the state’s wildlife and landscapes. Dallin Johnson, hailing from Huntingtown, clinched the coveted grand prize with his captivating photograph capturing a gray tree frog.

Johnson’s winning entry has earned him a grand prize package, which includes a $500 cash reward, a Maryland State Park and Trail Passport, complimentary entry into next year’s contest, and five copies of the 2023 calendar, where his striking image will grace the cover. The grand prize is a testament to his exceptional photographic skills and ability to capture Maryland’s natural wonders.

Fall 2023

Winter 2023

Spring 2023

Summer 2023

The competition, which received an impressive influx of over 1,300 submissions this year, featured the grand prize and first through third-place winners in four distinct seasonal categories—winter, spring, summer, and fall.

In addition to acknowledging the remarkable talent of the grand prize winner, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources expresses gratitude to all photographers who participated in this year’s contest. The submitted photographs are pivotal in enhancing the department’s outreach efforts on its website and across various print and digital publications. Furthermore, photographers are duly credited whenever the department utilizes their photos.

While the grand prize and seasonal category winners have been unveiled, one exciting aspect of the contest remains undecided—the “fan favorite.” The recipient of this accolade will be determined by popular opinion through the department’s Facebook page. Followers are encouraged to “like” and “share” their favorite photos, posted on September 18th, with voting open until October 2nd.

The first-place winner of the fan favorite category will be rewarded with a Maryland State Park Passport and five copies of the 2024 calendar. Second-place winners will receive five copies of the 2024 calendar, while third-place and fan-favorite winners will each be presented with one copy of the 2024 calendar. Additionally, all winners, including the “Fan Favorite,” will have their images prominently featured in the upcoming 2024 calendar and will be showcased in a forthcoming edition of the department’s magazine.

These talented photographers have succeeded in capturing the essence of Maryland’s diverse and breathtaking natural beauty, impacting those who appreciate the state’s ecological wonders.

As the contest’s fan favorite voting continues, it is clear that Maryland’s appreciation for its natural resources remains strong, and the department’s commitment to fostering this connection through photography is unwavering. The winning photographs serve as a testament to the unique and awe-inspiring natural landscapes throughout the state, inviting residents and visitors to explore and preserve Maryland’s rich biodiversity.

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