Charles County, MD – The Charles County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) recently found itself in a quandary as it uncovered an intriguing issue surrounding speed camera citations and their exemption for car rental companies in Maryland. The CCSO received notifications that speed camera citations, typically issued for verified speeding violations, had been mailed to car rental companies, triggering an audit to investigate this peculiar situation.

The audit, conducted in response to the notifications, sought to verify the accuracy of the information received. What it uncovered shed light on a unique discrepancy in Maryland legislation that exempts car rental and leasing companies from directly receiving speeding violation citations.

In most cases where vehicles owned by rental car companies were involved in school zone speed violations, the driver responsible for committing the traffic infraction was identified. In these instances, the speeding violation was issued to the driver of the rental car, aligning with the standard process for all non-exempt vehicles.

However, in cases where rental car companies had paid for the violations, a refund was issued, and any outstanding violations to rental car companies were subsequently voided. The CCSO’s commitment to ensuring that these violations are addressed within existing law is unwavering.

Nonetheless, the CCSO is actively engaged with Maryland legislators to address the perceived loophole in the notification system. They aim to ensure that all speed camera violators, including those operating rental cars, are held equally accountable for their actions.

The central objective of the speed camera program is to enhance the safety of students, pedestrians, school staff, and motorists within school zones. The CCSO is committed to making every effort to keep our children and all road users safe.

According to the CCSO, inquiries regarding this matter may be directed to the Automated Enforcement Unit at 301-932-3519 or by email at

The issue raises questions about the accountability of car rental companies and their drivers regarding speed camera violations in school zones. While drivers themselves are held accountable, the exemption of rental companies from direct notification creates a unique situation where refunds and voiding of violations become necessary.

This exemption highlights a discrepancy in the application of traffic laws and the notification process, potentially compromising the primary objective of the speed camera program, which is to ensure the safety of all individuals within school zones.

The CCSO’s proactive approach to addressing this issue, in collaboration with Maryland legislators, demonstrates their commitment to upholding the principles of safety and accountability within the community. As the dialogue continues, it remains to be seen how the legislation may evolve to close the existing loophole and ensure that all individuals, regardless of their affiliation with rental car companies, are equally responsible for their actions regarding speeding violations in school zones.

In the interest of public safety, this development underscores the importance of continually refining and improving the enforcement of traffic laws, especially within areas where the well-being of students and pedestrians is at stake. It is a reminder that the legal system must evolve to address new challenges and ensure that all violators are held accountable for their actions without exception.

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