Marijuana is a remarkable plant that can offer a range of effects depending on the strain you select. Whether you are looking for a relaxing, creative, or energizing experience, there is a marijuana strain that suits you.

But with so many choices available, how do you discover the best marijuana seeds for your preferences? In this article, we will examine some of the most famous and potent marijuana seeds on the market, their origins, flavors, aromas, and effects.

We will also give you some advice on how to pick the right marijuana seed for you and where to find them. Find out why Blue Dream is our top recommendation and other options to try.

Best Marijuana Seeds: First Look

  1. Blue Dream – Best marijuana seed overall
  2. Granddaddy Purple – Best calming buzz
  3. White Widow – Best for fast growth
  4. Bruce Banner – Best sativa dominant
  5. Godfather OG – Best for high THC (30%)
  6. Gelato Strain – Best flavored
  7. Gorilla Glue #4 – Best hybrid
  8. Wedding Cake – Best for socializing
  9. Strawberry Diesel – Best for all-day usage
  10. Pineapple Express – Best for relaxation
  11. Northern Lights – Best indica dominant
  12. AK47 – Best genetics
  13. Purple Kush – Best therapeutic benefits
  14. Jack Herer – Best for energy

1. Blue Dream – Best Marijuana Seed Overall

Blue Dream, a versatile 60% Sativa and 40% Indica Hybrid, is the best-selling strain in North America’s commercial cannabis market due to its fresh and fruity blueberry aromas and ability to be grown easily inside.

It is one of the few strains everyone can use and enjoy, from first-timers trying marijuana for the first time to seasoned stoners or exclusively therapeutic cannabis users.

Blue Dream can potentially make you feel uplifted and energetic, while still ensuring you’re relaxed and content. This strain will give you the inspiration and drive to complete all your tasks; however, at the same time, you couldn’t care less about the rest of the world!

Many customers have reported Blue Dream helps combat stress, anxiety, depression, muscle pains,  joint aches, and stiffness. With a THC content of 25%, it won’t knock you off your feet– even if your THC tolerance is low!

Where To Buy Blue Dream

Seed Supreme has been in the business since 2013 and has quickly become one of the best cannabis seed banks for its prime seed quality. This legitimate seed bank offers a large variety of 4000+ marijuana seeds for sale, including recreational and medicinal seeds from some of the most well-known breeders.

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2. Granddaddy Purple – Best Calming Buzz

This pure Indica (100%) strain will calm your anxiety, produce a mild but satisfying buzz, and potentially tackle even the worst cases of insomnia. This marijuana seed has a distinctive taste and aroma of grapes and berries, making it great for people who enjoy a sweet-smelling smoke.

Along with the relaxation, smokers have noted that you may feel a sense of calm happiness and slight pangs of hunger. Due to its high THC content of up to 23%, the buzz is even felt deeply by the heaviest of smokers!

However, smokers have experienced dry eyes, dizziness, paranoia, and mild headaches with high usage.

Where To Buy Granddaddy Purple

“I Love Growing Marijuana,” short for ILGM, provides high-quality marijuana seeds for sale with a 100% germination guarantee. They have been in business since 2012, quickly earning a good reputation in the market, and have gotten over 29,000 positive reviews from its customers.

They are widely recognized for their 100% germination guarantee, making them particularly popular among customers seeking guidance on how to germinate marijuana seeds.

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3. White Widow – Best for Fast Growth

This strain has a balanced ratio of 65% Indica and 35% Sativa with 0.8% CBD. The high THC (concentration of up to 19%) combination starts to work as you breathe the smooth, spicy smoke into your lungs, uplifting your mood and helping you forget any stress you might have had.

However, this calming sensation isn’t enough to bind you to the couch, allowing you to go about your day without changing your plans, making it the best socialization strain.

These marijuana seeds for sale have become famous amongst new growers because they are easy to grow and do not require much skill. You can grow these seeds anywhere and receive an impressive harvest within 6 to 8 weeks.

Where To Buy White Widow

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has proven to be a trustworthy company with a strong market reputation. They specialize in quality cannabis-related products, like medical cannabis and CBD weed seeds, with years of experience behind them.

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4. Bruce Banner – Best Sativa Dominant

This 60 to 40 sativa/indica strain produces calming and uplifting effects that some users describe as euphoric. It can improve your mood while potentially treating ongoing chronic pains, stress, and depression.

If you’re looking for high-THC marijuana seeds for sale, this sativa-dominant hybrid is the ideal option for you! It consistently generates more than 25% THC and offers energizing effects, which is ideal for tackling daily tasks and all-day consumption.

Its smooth smoke has flavors of all-natural earthiness and herbs, with sweet and sour citrus undertones, making it popular among people who enjoy funky diesel flavors.

Where To Buy Bruce Banner

MSNL Seed’s experience of more than 20 years in the marijuana seeds industry has given them a good reputation with their customers. They’re well-known for their high-quality marijuana seeds for sale, which have a germination guarantee of 100%.

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5. Godfather OG – Best for High THC (30%)

The Godfather OG strain is an Indica-dominant strain, with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa created by crossing two legendary OG strains: OG Kush x Alpha OG. Godfather OG has a strong, pungent aroma with a rich grape flavor of finely aged wine.

It’s one of the strongest strains of weed, with a THC concentration of up to 30%, making it an ideal weed choice for smokers looking for a calming buzz with high THC concentration. Customers have reported that despite the strain’s unusually high THC content, the effects of this strain aren’t overwhelming.

That is, of course, if you go easy on yourself. But if you go right in, you’ll undoubtedly spend hours hooked to the couch. Medical marijuana users claim that Godfather OG buds are highly beneficial in reducing anxiety, tension, and even chronic pain when used in low quantities.

However, consumers recommend against taking this weed in the daytime if you have a long to-do list, as it has relaxing properties that will make you drift away into sleep. So, it’s best to use this strain in the evenings or at night time.

Where To Buy Godfather OG

Over the past few years, WeedSeedsExpress has grown exponentially. WeedSeedsExpress is among the top seed banks operating in the Netherlands. It’s best known for its expanding range of marijuana seeds, commitment to providing excellent customer service, well-designed website, and extra cultivation materials.

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6. Gelato – Best Flavored

Gelato Strain is a hybrid strain of Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies that’s relatively easy to cultivate, making it a popular choice among novice and experienced growers.

When grown outdoors in gardens, Gelato can yield up to 700 grams per plant.

These marijuana seeds for sale have a potent THC concentration of 27% and a low CBD value of 0.20%, promising a magical and euphoric high.

With notes of vanilla and berry, this strain smells sweet and earthy.

Gelato has a smooth, creamy flavor when smoked. Due to its alluring flavor and beautiful appearance, Gelato is a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.

Smokers have noted that when this strain is smoked it inspires creativity and uplifts your spirits, making it perfect for quiet moments or energetic events!

Where To Buy Gelato

Crop King Seeds has been operating since 2005 and is considered one of Canada’s best cannabis seed banks. They are a well-known, award-winning company that has appeared in prominent media publications such as High Times, Vice, and Leafly.

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7. Gorilla Glue #4 – Best Hybrid

This perfect blend of fruity and piney flavored strain has a high concentration of 18-24% THC, delivering a potential and well-rounded high to its smokers.

Users have experienced a euphoric headrush accompanied by a wave of physical relaxation, making it a popular choice for recreational and medicinal uses.

Although this strain is mostly Sativa, the hybrid still has an almost balanced blend of Sativa and Indica, making it a versatile choice for cannabis users.

Where To Buy Gorilla Glue #4

Blimburn Seeds was founded in 2002 by qualified and competent cannabis breeders. The company has been in the cannabis industry for 15 years and has won five cannabis awards. It is a high-quality seed bank that offers top-tier marijuana seeds for sale at reasonable prices.

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8. Wedding Cake – Best for Socializing

With a THC content of 25% and a low CBD content, this strain is ideal for individuals seeking pleasure and powerful effects. Although the strain’s CBD levels are modest, it makes up for it, with an excellent blend of terpenes like Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene, which add to its alluring aroma and improved effects.

This Indica-dominant hybrid strain is known to provide a peaceful, calm experience that is accompanied by a wave of exhilaration. Ultimately, this seed is an ideal companion for a relaxed evening or social event.

Growing these marijuana seeds is also a breeze, with only a flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks, making it an ideal choice for both expert and inexperienced cannabis growers!

Where To Buy Wedding Cake

Rocket Seeds is a global marijuana seeds-for-sale seed bank that ships marijuana seeds to customers all around the world, including the United States and Canada. They provide over 600 marijuana seeds, as well as stealth packaging and 80% germination support.

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9. Strawberry Diesel – Best for All-day Usage

This sativa dominant hybrid has a genetic ratio of 60% Sativa and 40% Indica with an average THC level of 25%. It has the flavor of pungent fuel and a strawberry aftertaste.

The high THC level of this strain is known to offer a creative cerebral buzz that calms and relaxes users. With just a few tokes, it brings focus, uplifts, energizes, and gradually calms the body, making it the ideal strain for daytime and late afternoon usage.

However, this strain has some adverse effects like, cotton mouth and dry, itchy eyes. Fortunately, these effects can easily be avoided, through proper hydration and keeping eye drops with you.

Where To Buy Strawberry Diesel

They have been in the marijuana market for over ten years, offering a diverse selection of high-quality and premium marijuana seeds like White Widow, Lowryder, Cheese, Northern Lights, and Skunk strains.

Mary Jane’s Garden is well-known for its wide selection of marijuana seeds for sale and their high quality. The firm is also famous for its same-day shipping policy.

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10. Pineapple Express – Best for Relaxation

Pineapple Express marijuana is a hybrid strain that was bred by crossing Trainwreck and Hawaiian, with a ratio of 60% Sativa/ 30% Indica/ 10% Ruderalis and an average THC level of 20%.

Pineapple Express has a sweet, fruity flavor and aroma profile. This strain is popular among cannabis enthusiasts due to the tropical experience it provides.

Smoking this strain has been said to give a relaxing, calming, and stress-relieving high, allowing the body to relax, focus, and stay creative, making it ideal for long and busy days.

However, users with low THC tolerance should watch out for its unwanted side effects, as this strain has been reported to cause paranoia and anxiety in users who take high doses.

Where To Buy Strawberry Diesel

Beaver Seeds was created in 2007. Despite being a newer seed bank, it offers competitive features such as a phone helpline, a good germination rate, a 24/7 online customer care team, rapid and discreet shipment, and, best of all, free shipping on many marijuana seeds!

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11. Northern Lights – Best Indica Dominant

This piney and earthy strain is an Indica dominant (70%) strain with up to 23% THC concentration. At night time, this Indica-dominant strain produces dreamy, euphoric effects that bring comfort and relaxation.

It is recommended by consumers to use this strain in late afternoons to avoid naps during the day. Users have stated that this strain can motivate, innovate, and help comfort people suffering from anxiety, depression, or stress.

This marijuana seeds plant has been observed by consumers to adapt to various growing environments, growing indoors as a small to medium-sized plant with 18 hours of sunlight. And yielding up to 500 g/m2 indoors and 200 g/plant outdoors.

Where To Buy Northern Lights

Sunwest Genetics, a Canadian-based firm with over a decade of experience, is known for its expertise in cannabis genetics and top-quality marijuana seeds. They offer a selection of 500 plus marijuana seeds for sale with up to 80% germination guarantee.

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12. AK47 – Best Genetics

The Ak47 strain was created by mixing Colombian, Thai, Mexican, and Afghan strains. Due to its genetic diversity, it is easy to grow in different growing conditions.

The AK47 cannabis plant is also strong and durable, which is another advantage that comes with a diverse genetic range. This strain is 65% Sativa and 35% Indica, so it delivers a more sativa-like effect and has a medium THC content of 18%.

Ak-47 is a highly recommended cannabis strain for novices to produce since it is manageable and easy to grow. It can be grown both indoors and outside!

Where To Buy AK47

Sonoma Seeds is a Canadian firm that has been delivering quality marijuana seeds to growers globally for over ten years.

Sonoma Seeds is a trustworthy source for high-quality marijuana seeds for sale due to their devotion to quality, vast strain selection, germination guarantee, safe payment methods, discreet shipping, and great feedback from real users.

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13. Purple Kush – Best Therapeutic Benefits

This 75% Indica 25% Sativa strain with a THC concentration of up to 23%, is a cross between the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani varieties. Its smoke has a unique fruity flavor and an earthy aftertaste.

This strain is great for growers who are short on time. Purple Kush cannabis has a growing cycle of 55 – 65 days. It is a low-maintenance strain that does not require much attention. Therefore, it is best suited for indoor and outdoor growers.

Purple Kush cannabis is claimed to be an ideal strain for treating diseases such as sleeplessness, chronic pain, nerve damage, and muscular spasms because of its powerful effects, making it popular among medicinal weed users.

Where To Buy Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank has been operating since 2013 and produces unique hybrid strains and quality marijuana seeds. They offer CBD, feminized, autoflowering, and regular options, with reasonably priced feminized seeds.

If you’re unable to decide Where To Buy cannabis seeds from, this seed bank checks all the boxes and is a great option!

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14. Jack Herer – Best for Energy

This slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid strain provides a feel-good high that keeps consumers energized while remaining calm and collected. It has a THC concentration of 21% and a CBD content of 0.2%, making it a one-of-a-kind strain.

The effects of Jack Herer’s buds are mostly cerebral, as they have been reported to provide a significant energy boost while uplifting the user’s emotions.

However, beginners should take a few puffs of this strain because it has been claimed to be strong for people who are not used to its effects and can make them dizzy.

Where To Buy Jack Herer

Since 2009, MJ Seeds Canada has been selling marijuana seeds for sale online. With a large number of pleased customers, the organization has established itself as a safe and legitimate seed bank.

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Categories of Marijuana Seeds

Following are a few popular categories of marijuana seeds:

Feminized seeds

These are seeds that are almost 100% guaranteed to produce female marijuana plants, which are the ones that bear buds. Feminized seeds are created by inducing a female plant to produce pollen and then using that pollen to fertilize another female plant.

This way, the resulting seeds will inherit only the female chromosomes and will not have any male genes. Feminized seeds are ideal for growers who want to ensure a high yield of buds without having to deal with male plants that can pollinate and ruin the crop.

Autoflowering Seeds

These are seeds that automatically start flowering after a set period of time, usually around 3 months, without any change in their light cycle. Autoflowering seeds are derived from a type of cannabis plant called Ruderalis, which is native to regions with short summers and long winters.

Ruderalis plants have adapted to flowers based on their age rather than the amount of light they receive. Autoflowering seeds are convenient for growers who want to harvest fast and do not have to worry about adjusting the light schedule or removing male plants.

However, autoflowering seeds tend to produce smaller plants and lower yields than photoperiod seeds.

Indoor Marijuana Seeds

These are seeds that are specially bred to thrive in indoor growing environments, such as tents, closets, or cabinets. Indoor marijuana seeds usually have a shorter flowering time, a more compact size, and a higher resistance to pests and diseases than outdoor marijuana seeds.

Indoor marijuana seeds also tend to have higher levels of THC and other cannabinoids, as well as more diverse flavors and aromas. Indoor marijuana seeds require more care and attention than outdoor marijuana seeds, such as providing adequate lighting, ventilation, temperature, humidity, and nutrients.

Outdoor Marijuana Seeds

These are seeds that are suited for growing in natural outdoor conditions, such as gardens, balconies, or fields. Outdoor marijuana seeds usually have a longer flowering time, a larger size, and a higher tolerance to environmental stress than indoor marijuana seeds.

Outdoor marijuana seeds also tend to produce bigger yields and more robust buds than indoor marijuana seeds. Outdoor marijuana seeds require less maintenance and equipment than indoor marijuana seeds, but they also depend on the weather, the season, and the location for optimal growth.

>>Check the best prices for Blue Dream marijuana seeds

How To Choose the Best Places to Buy Marijuana Seeds

Choosing Where to buy marijuana seeds for sale can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to growing cannabis. Here are some tips on how to choose the best places to buy:

Genetics Quality

Consider customer reviews concerning the seed bank’s bud quality and yield, as opposed to the seed bank’s boasts about its genetics. Look for reputable breeders who have a proven track record of producing high-quality seeds with desirable traits, such as potency, flavor, aroma, resistance, and yield.

You can also check the awards and certifications that the seed bank or the breeder has received from recognized organizations, such as High Times Cannabis Cup or Spannabis.


Some of the best cannabis seed banks provide several guarantees, and some provide none at all. Look for seed banks that offer guarantees on germination, delivery, stealth shipping, and refunds or replacements in case of any issues.

These guarantees show that the seed bank is confident in its products and services and that it cares about your satisfaction and security.

Unique Discounts

Some seed banks have very attractive prices, but these are often for low-quality weed seeds. Look for seed banks that offer unique discounts that are not too good to be true, such as loyalty programs, free seeds, bulk orders, seasonal sales, and coupon codes.

These discounts can help you save money and get more value for your purchase.

Strain Variety

Look for seed banks that offer a wide range of strains to suit your preferences and needs. You can choose from different types of seeds, such as feminized, autoflowering, regular, CBD-rich, or medical seeds. 

You can also choose from different categories of strains, such as indica, sativa, hybrid, landrace, or novelty strains. You can also look for specific strains that have certain characteristics, such as high THC levels, high yields, fast flowering times, or unique flavors and aromas.

Customer Service

Look for seed banks that offer 24/7 support in case of any issues. You can contact them through various channels, such as phone, email, chat, or social media.

You can also check their FAQ section or their blog for more information and tips on growing cannabis. You can also read their reviews and testimonials from other customers to see how they handle complaints and feedback.

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How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

Germinating marijuana seeds is a crucial step in the cultivation process. Here’s a basic guide on how to germinate marijuana seeds for sale or personal use:

Gather Your Supplies

  •    Marijuana seeds
  •    Two clean, damp paper towels
  •    Two clean plates
  •    A dark, warm, and quiet location

Prepare the Seeds

Use fresh, high-quality seeds from a reputable source. You can soak the seeds in water for 24 hours before germination to help soften the seed coat, but it’s optional.

Germination Method

Place one of the damp paper towels on a clean plate. Carefully place the seeds on the paper towel, leaving some space between them.

Cover the seeds with the other damp paper towel. Place the second plate on top, creating a seed “sandwich.”

Keep it Dark and Warm

Store the seed sandwich in a dark and warm location, ideally between 70-85°F (21-29°C). A dark closet or cupboard works well.

Check for Germination

 Check the seeds daily. They should start to sprout within 24-120 hours. Keep the paper towels moist but not soaked. You can mist them with water if needed.


Once the taproot is about 0.5 to 1 inch long, it’s time to transplant the germinated seeds into your growing medium (e.g., soil or hydroponics).


Create a small hole in the growing medium (about 0.5 to 1 inch deep) using a pencil or similar tool.

Gently place the germinated seed with the taproot pointing down into the hole and cover it with the growing medium.

Maintain the Right Condition

Ensure your plants receive adequate light, proper temperature, humidity, and ventilation, depending on the growth stage and strain.

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Tips for Successful Marijuana Seed Cultivation

Successful marijuana seed cultivation requires careful attention to detail and adherence to best practices. Here are some tips to help ensure a successful growing process:

  • Start with Quality Seeds: Begin with high-quality, viable marijuana seeds for sale from a reputable source like Seed Supreme to increase your chances of success.
  • Choose the Right Strain: Select a marijuana strain that suits your preferences and skill level, considering factors like size, growth time, and desired effects.
  • Create an Ideal Growing Environment: Provide a controlled environment with proper lighting, temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation each have unique requirements.
  • Use the Right Growing Medium: Whether it’s soil, coco coir, or hydroponics, choose a growing medium that suits your experience level and the needs of your plants.
  • Maintain Proper Lighting: Ensure your plants receive the right amount and type of light during each growth stage. Many growers use high-intensity discharge (HID) or LED grow lights.
  • Water and Nutrient Management: Maintain a balanced watering schedule, avoiding over- or underwatering. Use appropriate nutrients for each growth stage, but be cautious not to over-fertilize.
  • Air Circulation: Provide good air circulation to prevent mold and mildew while also supplying fresh CO2 for photosynthesis.
  • Training and Pruning: Techniques like topping, low-stress training (LST), and defoliation can help control plant shape and maximize yields.
  • Pest and Disease Management: Regularly inspect your plants for pests and diseases. Use organic or chemical solutions as needed to control infestations.
  • pH and EC Levels: Monitor and adjust the pH and electrical conductivity (EC) of your water and nutrient solution to ensure optimal nutrient uptake.
  • Harvest Timing: Harvest your plants when the trichomes (tiny resin glands) are at their peak, typically when a significant portion has turned cloudy but not yet amber.

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Marijuana Seeds: Our Ranking Criteria

To choose the best marijuana seeds, we considered the following key ranking criteria:

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a valuable resource for assessing the quality of seeds and the reputation of seed providers. Positive reviews often indicate a trustworthy source with high-quality seeds.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is essential for a smooth buying experience. A responsive and helpful customer service team can address inquiries, issues, and ensure a positive interaction with the seed provider.

Seed Pricing

Seed pricing is a practical consideration. We compared the cost of seeds from different providers, making sure it aligns with different budgets. Keep in mind that premium seeds may come at a higher price but can be a worthwhile investment.

Payment Methods

We ensured that the seed provider offers a variety of secure payment methods. Convenience and security in the payment process are essential for a smooth transaction.

Seeds for Any Climate

We looked for seed providers that offer a diverse selection of strains suitable for various climates. This ensures that you can find seeds that match your specific growing conditions, whether you’re in a hot, cold, or temperate climate.

>>Check the best prices for Blue Dream marijuana seeds

Marijuana Seeds: FAQs

Here, we answer a few frequently asked questions about marijuana seeds for sale:

How Much Is 1 Marijuana Seed?

The cost of one marijuana seed can vary widely depending on the strain, quality, and the seed bank. It can range from a few dollars to more than $10 per seed for premium strains.

What Marijuana Seed Is Most Potent?

One of the most potent strains is “Godfather OG.” It’s known for its high THC content and strong effects, making it a favorite among experienced users.

Can I Start Marijuana Seeds Directly in Soil?

Yes, you can plant marijuana seeds directly in soil. However, some growers prefer germinating the seeds first to ensure successful sprouting before transplanting them into soil.

Can You Buy Marijuana Seeds in the US?

Yes, you can buy marijuana seeds in the US, but it’s essential to purchase from reputable seed banks like Seed Supreme. Be aware of the legal regulations in your state.

Is It Legal To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

The legality of buying marijuana seeds online varies by country and state. In some places, it’s legal for personal use, while in others, it’s strictly prohibited. Research your local laws before making a purchase.

Will My Seeds Be Seized by Customs?

While there’s a small risk of seeds being seized by customs, it’s relatively rare, especially if you order from reputable seed banks. They often have discreet packaging to reduce the chances of interception.

Why Are Autoflower Seeds So Popular?

Autoflowering seeds are popular due to their ease of cultivation and rapid growth. They automatically switch to the flowering stage, regardless of light conditions, making them suitable for beginners and those looking for quicker harvests.

What’s the Best Way To Pay When Buying Marijuana Seeds Online?

When buying marijuana seeds online, it’s advisable to use secure payment methods. Some reputable seed banks, like Seed Supreme, offer various options, including credit card, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

What Marijuana Seeds are Worth Buying?

Strains like Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, and White Widow are highly regarded for their quality, flavor, and effects. However, the best strain for you depends on your preferences and growing conditions.

What Indoor Seeds Should I Buy?

Northern Lights is an excellent choice for indoor cultivation. It’s known for its resilience, high yield, and a relaxing, euphoric high, making it a favorite among indoor growers.

What’s the Best Marijuana Seed for Me? Final Verdict

Different popular marijuana strains can have different effects on your mood and body, so you should select the ones that match your preferences and needs.

One of our favorite hybrid strains is Blue Dream, which has a sweet berry flavor with notes of blueberry and citrus and a powerful high. You can get Blue Dream seeds at a lower price from Seed Supreme today!

Of course, you are welcome to try any of the best strains. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to marijuana, as long as you have fun!

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Samuel is a seasoned cannabis industry expert with 15 years of experience. He has authored hundreds of articles on cannabis topics ranging from cultivation to strain selection.

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