WHITE PLAINS, MD – In a celebration of cultural diversity and musical harmony, the “Children’s Voices of Southern Maryland” (CVSM) is set to enchant audiences with their upcoming concert, “Around the World in 16 Songs.” This heartwarming musical journey is scheduled for December 2, 2023, at 6:00 PM at the Church of Jesus Christ at 4560 Padgett Rd, White Plains, MD.

Comprising talented young choristers, CVSM has diligently prepared to present melodies from various countries, including Japan, Mexico, Ireland, Germany, and Sri Lanka. The concert aims to transport the audience to different parts of the world, showcasing the richness of global music while celebrating the unity found in young voices.

The event is structured to unite the world across nationalities, traditions, and languages. The Apprentice Choir, consisting of 24 choristers aged 4 to 8, and the Concert Choir, featuring 10 children aged 9 to 12, hail from various corners of Charles County. A young chorister enthusiastically shares, “I’ve been practicing so much for this! It’s gonna be super cool, and I hope lots of people come to hear us sing. We’re gonna sing songs from everywhere!”

Apart from choral performances, “Around the World in 16 Songs” promises to showcase ethnic dances, live drumming, and traditional foods, creating a multisensory experience for attendees.

Under the guidance of dedicated directors, the choristers have invested their hearts and voices into this performance. The parent of an Apprentice Chorister expresses, “It’s amazing to see how much [my child] has grown in this choir. This concert is a culmination of hard work and passion, and as a parent, I’m excited to see [my child] shine on stage. December 2nd can’t come soon enough!”

This family-friendly event is open to the public, with no tickets required for entry. Following the concert, attendees are invited to enjoy delightful refreshments, fostering a space for the audience to mingle and celebrate the magic of music together.

A grant from the Charles County Arts Alliance and Maryland State Arts Council partly sponsors the event. Interested individuals can contact Eve Babb, the Community Outreach representative, for additional information about the concert at info@childrensvoicessomd.org or 301-542-9359.

Event Details:

  • Event: “Around the World in 16 Songs” with the Children’s Voices of Southern Maryland
  • Date: December 2, 2023
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Location: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 4560 Padgett Rd, White Plains, MD


  • Admission is free; no tickets required.

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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to embark on a musical journey with the talented young voices of Southern Maryland. Bring your family and friends to witness a remarkable evening of cultural diversity and musical harmony.

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