On November 16, incidents occurred in two schools within Charles County, raising concerns about student safety and conduct. At Davis Middle School, a student was discovered smoking suspected cannabis in a school bathroom around 1 p.m. The substance was confiscated, and the student received a citation from the school’s resource officer. The Charles County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident and has requested anyone with information to contact Cpl. Cook at 301-609-3282 ext. 0479.

Earlier that day, at St. Charles High School, a physical altercation between two students at approximately 7:56 a.m. led to one of them sustaining minor injuries. The injured student was treated at a nearby hospital. Both students involved in the assault face criminal charges and disciplinary action from the Charles County Public Schools. The Sheriff’s Office is handling the investigation and seeking public information. Cpl. Thompson can be reached at 301-609-3282 ext. 0434 for any leads or information regarding the incident.

These events highlight ongoing concerns about student behavior and schools’ challenges in maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment. The involvement of law enforcement in both cases underscores the seriousness of the situations and the measures taken by schools to address such issues.

In response to these incidents, Charles County Public Schools may review and reinforce their policies regarding student conduct and the presence of illicit substances on school property. The schools’ cooperation with law enforcement agencies demonstrates their commitment to student safety and the enforcement of school policies and legal regulations.

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate both incidents, emphasizing the importance of community assistance in these matters. The public’s cooperation is crucial in gathering information and ensuring that appropriate actions are taken to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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