The Calvert County Department of Public Works Solid Waste Division announced it is offering a new option for residents, businesses and trash haulers to receive information about trash disposal and recycling that may impact them. Using Calvert County ALERT, subscribers can receive updates in a variety of timely ways about selected topics, such as changes to convenience center hours, severe weather impacts, reminders for businesses to submit Maryland Department of Environment reports or special events for paper shredding and hazardous waste drop off.

“Residents can also sign up for Calvert County ALERT to receive automated messages via phone, text or email as it relates to one, or all of the convenience center locations,” explained Calvert County Recycling Coordinator Bill Teter. “The alerts will save customers time and effort by knowing about timely events in advance or in real time.”

Sign up for Calvert County ALERT online at and click on the Calvert County ALERT link. Register to receive ALERTS by clicking on the link “registration web site.” Follow the directions to create an account and selected your subscriptions. (Note: your information is never borrowed, rented or sold.) Those without internet can contact the Calvert County Solid Waste Division at 410-326-0210 to learn more

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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