JANUARY 18, 2018 – Last fall, AA Co. Western District Shift 3 supervisor Sgt. Brian Daughters decided with others to participate in the national “No Shave November” cancer awareness campaign. The platoon agreed that they would grow mustaches or sponsor a coworker’s “growth” by pledging at least $1/day for the month. For extra incentive, if someone shaved early, that person’s pledge would go up to $3 each remaining day of November!

They decided, however, that the funds raised should stay local and focus on kids. Not only did Sgt. Daughters admit that they all “have a soft spot for children,” he knew that some fellow officers had sought local cancer treatment for their own children. Based on the mission of CCF, the decision was obvious for Sgt. Daughters and the other officers.

The Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. was incredibly touched and grateful for the contribution received last week. CCF Executive Director, Tasha Museles, shared that she “continues to be in awe of these incredible public servants finding ways to go above and beyond to help the community.” Last fall, the Anne Arundel County firefighters held a Childhood Cancer Awareness Family Fun Day, which raised $5000 for CCF.

Founded in 1983, The Children’s Cancer Foundation, Inc. is a Columbia, MD-based 501(c)3 non-profit that raises funds to advance pediatric cancer research, invest in vital programs to support children and their families , and ensure facilities can provide state-of-the-art services for pediatric cancer patients in the Baltimore/Washington region.

To learn more about CCF, or to organize a fundraiser to benefit CCF, contact the office at 443-546-4479 or info@childrenscancerfoundation.org, or visit the website at www.childrenscancerfoundation.org.