The Board of Education of Calvert County Public Schools has renewed the contract of Superintendent Daniel D. Curry, Ed.D., for a second four-year term.

Upon his re-appointment, Dr. Curry said, “Calvert County is a great place to live and raise your kids because this community realizes that education is not an expense but an investment in the future. I’m excited to have the opportunity to lead this district four more years and to make it even greater.”

Board President Tracy H. McGuire added, “Dan’s dedicated work on our goals of equity, community engagement, and student success—along with our expectation that the good work will continue—is reflected in this contract.”

The decision to reappoint Dr. Curry was unanimous, and the Board looks forward to four more years of competent leadership and innovative ideas from him. Board member William J. Phalen, Sr., said, “It’s great to have an agreement. We can now look forward to four more years of improving Calvert County schools.” As a Board member, Pamela L. Cousins is appreciative of the progress that was made during his first term, citing the steps the system has taken to increase the equity among schools and students. “Dr. Curry will continue to do the work we set forth in the Superintendent’s goals,” she said, “such as equity for each of our students, which is important to me.”

During his first term, Dr. Curry focused on getting to know the inner workings of the school system and making some fundamental changes to improve the functioning of schools. He also created an atmosphere of open and honest communication by reaching out on a continual basis to all stakeholders: employees, students, parents, local businesses and the community in general.

Regarding the future of the school system, Ms. McGuire said, “Dr. Curry saw the need for the system to elucidate our long-term goals and led, along with the Board, the crafting of a new Strategic Plan that will guide our priorities for the next five years. Far from being a symbolic document that sits on a shelf, it was fashioned as a working and relevant set of goals that CCPS can measure itself against for years to come.”

Board Vice President Dawn C. Balinski noted that the Board spent many hours crafting a compensation package that reflected both the magnitude of a Superintendent’s responsibilities and the commitment to being good stewards of tax payer dollars. “The structure of the contract,” she said, “continues to be a very transparent one with the bulk of compensation contained in salary versus benefits; it reflects the Board’s aversion to the benefit-heavy compensation packages of Calvert’s past.”

The appointment is subject to the approval from the state Superintendent of Schools Dr. Karen Salmon.