This week I will be discussing Taxes. That not so lovely word most of us never want to hear. But in this case it’s attached to Governor Hogan’s bill Protecting Maryland Taxpayers Act Of 2018. This bill, in response to federal tax reform, promises that Maryland State Taxes will not be increased due changes in federal taxes. Sounds great to me!

Also this week, two of my bills were heard in the House. I am excited to discuss those with you.


According to Maryland Comptroller Franchot’s review of the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, most Marylanders will pay less federal taxes next year (71% less, 16% no change, 13% more). Because Maryland tax law is tied the old federal tax code, Maryland taxpayers will experience the opposite effect with their state taxes.

Governor Hogan’s bill – Protecting Maryland Taxpayers Act of 2018 was introduced in the House this week. The bill addresses the new state tax problem in two ways. First, the bill changes a provision in Maryland law that temporarily prevents the federal tax code from impacting state and local taxes (10-108), into a permanent provision. Second, the bill allows for taxpayers to take the new federal standard deduction while continuing to take longstanding exemptions and deductions on their state returns.

It’s a commons sense approach to a difficult problem. I am glad to co-sponsor this legislation and will work to help keep money in your pockets.

HB119 and HB317

Calvert County – Hunting – Deer Management Permits (HB119) authorizes a Deer Management Permit be used year-round in Calvert County just as is currently allowed St. Mary’s and Charles Counties. The permit is intended for owners of farms and orchards. The bill allows Calvert County farmers, experiencing crop loss due to deer, to hunt on their land year-round.

State Lottery – Instant Ticket Lottery Machines – Fraternal Organizations (HB317) authorizes fraternal organizations to have video lottery gaming machines on premises. A portion of the proceeds from these machines will go to help homeless veterans. The remainder goes to the state lottery, which pays for the machines, and the fraternal organizations. Fraternal organizations then use these proceeds to give back to the local community through scholarships, fundraisers, veteran outreaches, etc. Fraternal organizations include the Elks, Moose, Fraternal Order of Police, and Knights of Columbus.


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Next week we will be seeing more bills come to the House Floor for a vote. I will update you on more of these in the next issue. Have a great week.