BALTIMORE, MD- On February 21, 2017, the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of Maryland’s ban on assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh issued the following statement on the anniversary of the court’s decision in Kolbe v. Hogan:

“The very strong opinion by the Court one year ago upheld Maryland’s Firearm Safety Act, confirming the principle that the Constitution does not prohibit states from protecting their citizens and communities. Since that decision, 58 people attending a concert in Las Vegas were gunned down by a shooter wielding a semi-automatic rifle – the deadliest mass shooting by a single individual in U.S. history. Just one month later, 26 innocent parishioners at a Texas church were murdered, again at the hands of a gunman armed with a semi-automatic rifle. And just last week, we all watched and grieved as 17 young lives were lost in Florida at the hands of a former student. No child or teacher should be afraid to go to school. And no one should fear attending services at a place of worship or spending time with family and friends at a concert.

“The common thread in each of these crimes is the weapon of choice was a semi-automatic rifle. It is unthinkable that these weapons of war – weapons that, as the court noted a year ago, were ‘designed for the battlefield,’ would be protected by the 2nd Amendment. Protecting and saving lives should never be a partisan issue. Over the next year, our leaders on Capitol Hill should act immediately, looking to Maryland and other states which have implemented common sense gun laws, to craft federal legislation that will protect our families and our communities from becoming victims of the next mass shooting.”