On Wednesday, at 1158 hours, Squad 5, Squad 1 and numerous EMS Units were alerted to Budds Creek Road at Horseshoe Road for the MVA, reported serious, car versus bus with one trapped and unresponsive.

Company 2 had just returned from a Landing Zone in the first due and heard the dispatch, so the crew loaded onto the Rescue and started towards the crash.

With Squad 5, and Squad 1 being delayed to respond, Squad 2 requested to be added to the call, at the same time both squads were alerted. Captain 5 asked Squad 2s location, and advised for them to take in the run.

With that, Rescue Squad 2(Capt. Barnes) with 4 made the response and arrived first with Captain 5. Captain 5 established the command and requested Squad 2s crew split.

One patient was pinned in the passenger vehicle, and required a complete roof removal and dash “roll” to remove the occupant. Squad 5 assisted with extrication.

The school bus, which was occupied during the collision and upon arrival, required struts be placed on the passenger side of the bus due to buses position in the ditch after the collision.

Rescue 2 had the bus stabilized, and patient extricated within 10 minutes of arrival.

By Mechanicsville Volunteers

Serious motor vehicle accident today at 1201 hours on Budds Creek Road at Horseshoe Road. Vehicle vs. an occupied school bus. 5 patients were transported to MedStar St. Mary’s from the bus and the operator of the vehicle was flown to PG Trauma after extrication.

Squads 2 and 5 along with Engine 52 and multiple EMS units operated.

By Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department