Board of Education President Julie Hummer and Superintendent of Schools George Arlotto released the following statement tonight following the passage by the Anne Arundel County Council of Resolution 8-18 condemning bullying and harassment:

“No student in our school system – and no person anywhere – should ever be subjected to any type of intimidation by someone seeking to exert themselves as superior in stature or power. We are pleased that the County Council has joined us in condemning bullying and harassment in all forms and that it has recognized that while we surely have a role to play in combatting this issue, it is one far larger than our school system alone.

We pledge to continue to develop new initiatives and enhance those already in existence, and we look forward to the active participation by the Council and County government as partners in these efforts. As members of the Council have cited growing class sizes and a lack of resources as contributing factors to the prevalence of bullying and harassment, we anticipate their full support of the Board’s budget request for 217 teaching positions and 29.2 positions to address social and emotional wellness issues for students, among other crucial line item requests.”