Northern and Huntingtown High Schools captured the top two spots, respectively, in the 29th Annual Southern Maryland High School Computer Bowl. The event was sponsored by the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO).

First-place team: Northern High School, Calvert County. From left, Jim Kong, Justen Serrao, Will Longsworth, and Nathan Hayes.

Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent, said, “We thank SMECO for providing this opportunity for our top computer science students. These students will have an advantage in a job market that increasingly requires coding skills.”

Fifteen teams from 12 high schools in Southern Maryland faced the challenging literacy and programming tests in the Computer Bowl. In the first round of the competition, students took a written test of their knowledge of computer history, hardware, and software. In the second round, teams of three to four students created computer programs to solve specific problems, using programming languages such as Java and Python.

Second-place team: Huntingtown High School, Calvert County. From left, Nick Matthews, Brian Holt, coach Tom Currier, Zach Lee, and Brayden Archer

The first-place Northern team was comprised of Nathan Hayes, Jim Kong, Will Longsworth, and Justen Serrao and was coached by Victoria Longsworth. Finishing second was the Huntingtown team of Brayden Archer, Brian Holt, Zach Lee, and Nick Matthews, coached by Tom Currier.

Winners received plaques and trophies, and SMECO awarded gift cards to the top four teams. The College of Southern Maryland also provided the first-place winners with performance awards.