Students from across Maryland flocked to Annapolis on Monday, April 2nd to participate in the Maryland Association of Student Council’s (MASC) first-ever School Safety Forum. This forum was organized in response to recent school safety concerns that many students have brought to light in the wake of tragic gun violence situations in schools in Maryland and throughout the nation. The forum offered students an open floor to express their concerns, frustrations and ideas, as well as share their emotions around the topics of school safety, gun violence and mental health.

Most importantly, these student representatives were given the chance to not only hear from local delegates and representatives from several Maryland counties, but were able to hold discussion groups with the local delegates. These discussion groups yielded the exchange of thoughts and ideas centered around local systems working together to prevent violence in schools. Delegates explained new laws, legislation and preventative measures that have been taken or are being taken in order to ensure student safety, allowing students to respond to these measures and give their opinions on possible outcomes.

MASC is a student advocacy and development organization sponsored by MSDE’s Division of Student, Family and School Support, and under the direction ofOlivia Keithley, ExecutiveDirector. TheMASC mission is to foster a statewide environment for all secondary school students to express and exchange opinions and ideas, develop leadership skills, and promote student representation and involvement in all groups and organizations impacting the lives of students.