April is National County Government Month; as part of St. Mary’s County’s observance, commissioners presented this year’s People’s Choice Awards. County employees voted on fellow workers who consistently exhibit professionalism and service to the public and fellow employees.Also recognized during the meeting werecounty employees with ten years of service or more. Winners of the People’s Choice Awards from the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office included Michael Klotz (Not pictured), Ret. Lt. Saraha Norris, Ms. June Smith,Ms. Glenda Thompson, Ms. MaryAnn Thompson, and Ms. Rhonda Wathen. Sheriff’s Office employees recognized for years of service are as follows:

10 years:
Cpl. Austin Schultz-Not pictured

15 years:

Lt. Eva Jones- Not pictured
Cpl. William Rishel

20 years:
Cpl. Chad Hartzell
Cpl. Julie Yingling

25 years:
Sgt. Stephen Myers
Sgt. Harold Young
CFC. Earl Young

30 years:
Lt. Michael Gardiner
Sgt. Mark Porter