The Maryland Historical Trust (MHT) will soon begin accepting applications for the next round of Historic Preservation Non-Capital grants. Non-Capital grants provide support for a wide variety of research, survey, planning, and educational activities involving architectural, archeological, or cultural resources. Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, state agencies, and local jurisdictions. A dollar-for-dollar cash or in-kind match is required of all local jurisdictions, but not of nonprofits or state agencies. However, those projects that do include funding from other sources are more competitive in the grant selection process. The maximum grant award for each application is $75,000 and total funding for FY 2019 is $300,000.

In FY 2019, MHT will give special priority to projects focusing on poorly documented regions of the state, the study and documentation of threatened resources (especially those susceptible to increased flooding and coastal erosion), and documentation of underrepresented themes, communities, or resource types.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to attend one of two upcoming workshops in Crownsville:June 14 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pmorJune 27 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.The workshops include more details about the program and FY 2019 funding priorities, eligible activities and expenses, and online application and reporting. To register for one of the workshops please visit

Intent to Apply forms for the grants will be due byJuly 9. The deadline for completed applications isSeptember 10. The project selection process will begin after all applications are completed and the awards will be announced in fall 2018.

More details and application materials will be made available on the MHT website or aboutMay 10, 2018. For questions, additional information, applications, and copies of the open project selection criteria, contact Karen Golder at (410) 697-9550