The Wallops Office of Communications along with the Software Engineering Branch collaborated to create a new tool to assist launch viewers as they enjoy the next Antares launch to the International Space Station, scheduled for May 20, 2018 at 5:04 a.m.

The Wallops Mission Status Center is the newest of Wallops tools, designed to give users pertinent information about the Antares vehicle, launch and mission information, interactive visibility map and compass, countdown clock, a live stream connection, as well as information on future missions.

The developers, Stephan Wlodarczyk and Samuel Henry, created the tool to meet the needs of the viewers in acquiring essential information for this launch and future mission launches. In addition this tool will replace the What’s Up At Wallops App previously accessed by viewers for past launches. WMSC is a web-based tool with features that allow users to explore critical launch information without the risk of using an enormous amount of data or battery life.

“The Mission Status Center is an awesome concept that allows our fans and launch lovers to experience many aspects of the launch at their fingertips,” said Codeveloper Samuel Henry. “This tool brings a new level of excitement to all launches happening here at Wallops.”

Wallops Mission Status Center will be available for official use on May 9, 2018 and can be accessed through any internet browser on all desktop, iOS, and Android devices. The tool will be fully functional for the OA-9 Antares launch.