Leonardtown, MD – St. Mary’s County acknowledges the contributions made by small businesses to the economic growth and quality of life in the county, across the State of Maryland and in the United States. Partnering with local organizations, the county provides support for small businesses, which represents major opportunities for economic development, innovation, growth and expansion in the community. In recognition of the importance of small business in the county, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County held a ceremony to proclaim Small Business Month.

Commissioners spotlighted St. Inie’s Coffee, a locally-owned and operated business in Lexington Park, as an example of a thriving small business which has made enormous contributions to the economic vitality of St. Mary’s County. They, along with other small businesses, generate a large percentage of jobs in the county, many of which employ fewer than five people. Government contributes to small business growth through its economic growth strategy and various business growth incentive programs.

“St. Inie’s Coffee is a shining example of a business which saw opportunity to grow and expand here in the county,” said Commissioner President Randy Guy. “The owners began by making coffee out of their home and now own a very successful coffee shop in Lexington Park. We recognize their contributions as representing an important component in the economic future of the county and we’re very proud of their success.”

The commissioners invite all citizens to support the numerous small businesses that form the heart of the St. Mary’s County business community.

Images courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Public Information Office