In recent months, the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), has seen a significant increase in the number of cases involving child sex offenses. The CCSO does not, and will not, publicize these types of cases in an effort to protect the identity of the minor victims. A child is most often sexually abused by a family member, household member, or a person in a trusted position in the child’s life. For this reason child sex offense cases often come to the attention of law enforcement when the child tells a third party what is going on in their life and it is the third party, not the child, who makes the notification.

Criminal Investigation Bureau detectives take these cases seriously and conduct thorough investigations into every report of child abuse to ensure that abusers are brought to justice.Detectives work with DSS, the State’s Attorney’s Office and other Child Advocacy Center partners to ensure victims are in a safe environment with access to needed resources.

If you observe inappropriate or significant changes in your child’s behavior, ask questions. Resources are available to help identify common behavior changes displayed by children experiencing abuse. If you learn of abuse, report it.