Leonardtown, MD – It is widely recognized that St. Mary’s County agriculture provides high-quality, locally-grown and produced foods for citizens of the State of Maryland and around the world. Local farms link the past to the present and are important to the county’s economy, environment and quality of life for future generations. In tribute to the importance of agriculture, the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County have declared the week of July 21 – 29 Maryland Buy Local Week.

The support of St. Mary’s County farms is found through its citizens’ desire for farmland and choices to purchase fresh, locally-grown produce, which contributes to higher nutrition, better taste, less waste and less pollution, is the foundation of support for farms across St. Mary’s County.

“St. Mary’s County is committed to promoting local agricultural enterprises and healthy eating. We call upon all citizens to choose products produced in the region’s farmland each day during the last full week of July 2018,” said Commissioner Todd Morgan (4th District).

2018 marks the 10th Anniversary of the Buy Local Challenge and Maryland Buy Local Week in St. Mary’s County.

Images courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Public Information Office