WASHINGTON, DC – House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement today on the introduction of the Education and Workforce Committee Democrats’ comprehensive higher education bill, the Aim Higher Act: 

“I want to thank Ranking Member Bobby Scott of the House Education and Workforce Committee for his leadership on the ‘Aim Higher’ agenda and for introducing the Aim Higher Act, which I strongly support.  In traveling across the country on the Make It In America Listening Tour these past few months, I’ve heard from so many Americans about the challenge of making higher education more affordable and thus more accessible to those wishing to learn in-demand skills and get ahead.  With the introduction of the Aim Higher Act today, Ranking Member Scott is demonstrating that making higher education more affordable and accessible remains a key priority for House Democrats.  This legislation will help ensure that students can complete their degrees and do so in a way that does not leave graduates weighed down by the massive burden of student loan debt.

“I spoke yesterday about the ‘Aim Higher’ agenda in my remarks unveiling House Democrats’ new Make It In America plan for 2018.  I did so because it would effect one of the major goals of our plan, and that is expanding Pell Grant eligibility and usage, to include coverage of skills certification programs that help workers move up in their careers.  While Republicans have proposed disinvesting from federal student aid with the so-called ‘PROSPER Act,’ Democrats believe that all students, regardless of background, ought to be able to pursue higher education and skills training.  If entrusted with the Majority next Congress, Democrats will work to ensure that all Americans can ‘Aim Higher’ and access the educational tools they need to make it in America.”