Libby Nutt Williams, professor of psychology and department chair, was invited to participate on a panel on “Leadership in the Society of Counseling Psychology and the Academy” at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association (APA). 

Williams also chaired a symposium on “Client-Focused Psychotherapy Research,” and presented with several of her former students. She presented a poster with Megan Darby ’17, now in a doctoral program in counseling psychology at New Mexico State University, on a measure she is developing with former students (including Jake Wolf ’15 and Meg Marcelli ’17) on feminist approaches to mentoring undergraduate students in research. 

Williams also presented a poster with Ali Shimoda ’17 on an empirical study of empathy in psychotherapy.  In addition to presentations, Williams is an elected member of the APA Council of Representatives and participated in two days of meetings where the APA made decisions about holding to recent ethics policies in relation to psychologists’ restrictions at military and CIA detention facilities (see as well as other important forward-looking issues related to transparency of decision making and greater advocacy efforts of the profession.