ANNAPOLIS, MD – October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Crime Prevention Month, Anti-bullying/Cyberbullying Awareness Month and National Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

To mark the month, the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) will be using social media channels and posting on its website daily tips to help keep Marylanders safe. The hashtags used will be #ASaferMD, #TipADay, #CrimePrevention.

“Some of what we post may be things you already know, but in some cases it may be something that makes you say ‘I didn’t know that.’” said V. Glenn Fueston, Jr., GOCCP Executive Director. “We won’t just give you tips, but we will also let visitors and followers know where they can go for help if they are in trouble.”

Among the tips:

  • How to recognize the warning signs of domestic violence?
  • How to know if your child is being bullied?
  • What is cyber bullying?
  • Sexting is child pornography and punishable by law.
  • Is it love or control?
  • Protect yourself when jogging at night.
  • Home safety…were you really going to put the key under the mat?
  • Secure your ride… don’t make it easy for a thief to steal your wheels.
  • How to deal with online harassment.
  • Protect your identity.
  • Change your password. Hint: 111111 is not a good idea.

For 31 days of crime-prevention tips, follow GOCCP on Twitter at @GOCCP or search @MarylandGOCCP on Facebook. More information about GOCCP may be found here.