Hunting Available in Allegany, Garrett and Washington Counties

Photo of wild turkeys
Photo by Lori Bramble

TheMaryland Department of Natural Resourcesannounced today that thefall turkey hunting seasonwill open Oct. 27 and continue through Nov. 4 in Allegany, Garrett and Washington counties with a bag limit of one turkey per hunter.

The fall season was extended to include an additional day, Sunday, Nov. 4.

“We are happy to offer additional weekend hunting opportunities,”Wildlife and Heritage ServiceDirector Paul Peditto said. “Hunting turkeys in the fall can provide a unique and enjoyable experience for both novice and veteran hunters alike.”

The2018 Wild Turkey Observation Survey Summaryshows turkey reproduction in western Maryland was below average, but populations remain healthy and sustainable, and should provide ample opportunity. Hunters should be aware of local food sources when scouting for fall flocks. Turkeys will feed heavily on acorns in areas where they are abundant. When acorns are scarce, turkeys will frequent fields more often and tend to be easier to locate.

Although not required, fall turkey hunters are encouraged to wear fluorescent orange or pink clothing when other hunting seasons are open.

Complete hunting regulations, check-in procedures and information on public land hunting can be found in theGuide to Hunting and Trapping in Maryland.