News Release, Michael Bruckner, St. Mary’s of College of Maryland

St. Mary’s City, MD- On November 29, 2018 in Cole Cinema, four student teams presented their business models to a panel of business expert judges (Peg Duchesne ’77, Bill Fry, Gary Jobson, David Lewis, Owen Lewis) in the 7th Annual Hawk Nest Competition: the endpoint in the semester-long class on entrepreneurship taught by Professor of Sociology Elizabeth Osborn.

The WareHouse: Max Dwyer, Andrew Kalinoski, Ray La Placa, Ben Stevens, Sydni Thacker

            This student-run nonprofit would provide the campus community an easy way to buy and sell quality products (particularly clothing and dorm décor) in an open marketplace. Student organizations and sports teams would have the opportunity to volunteer working hours with their compensation being the profit of their work shift going to their club/sport.

*St. Mary’s Connect: Fergus Hall, Lucas Kraft, Nick Manzoni, Dakota Merritt, Kristen Schmitt

            This mobile app would help keep students informed and connected on campus. In addition to knowing about events on campus, the app would also enable students to connect with other students and customize their news feeds. This would be an additional service for students.

            *St. Mary’s Connect proposal won the competition.

The Waterfront Grill: Ines Garofolo, Emmey German, Alex Moody, Alexa Needle

            The Waterfront Grill would be a seasonal small cart market to sell hot dogs, packaged snacks and drinks on the weekends at the waterfront. It could be set up at sports games and other campus events as well. 

HawkBin: Zoey Cain, Sara Edib, Daniel Ledbetter, Megan Olszewski, Noah Walsh

            This student-run nonprofit would provide trash and recycling removal services for campus residential students. Student employees would be paid to collect trash and recycling from student housing and deposit it in the dumpsters. The service would be free to students and payroll costs would be paid by SGA funds.