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The Board of Education on Dec. 11 unanimously approved a grading policy that standardizes the scale middle and high school teachers use to determine an “F” grade. 

Policy 5000 requires teachers to use a uniform grading scale that does not allow for minimum grades. The policy defines an F grade as 0 to 59 percent. Several high schools are using a minimum grading scale for an F, but the Board is requiring all schools to adopt the new grading scale at the start of the third quarter on Jan. 28.

The Board discussed the grading policy at several meetings before adopting the uniform scale. The Board considered a grading committee recommendation, conducted a grading survey and accepted comments during a Town Hall.

Policy 5000

Elementary and Secondary: Progress: Reporting to Parents: Secondary Grading

The Board of Education is committed to maintaining high performance and achievement standards for all students and to ensuring student accountability for the grade they have earned. It is also committed to providing a fair process for evaluating and reporting student progress that is equitable, as well as understandable to both students and their parents.

All middle and high schools will use the grading scale listed below, and no minimum grades will be assigned. 

  • A – superior (90-100 percent)
    • B – above average (80-89 percent)
    • C – average (70-79 percent)
    • D – below average (60-69 percent)
    • F – failure (0-59 percent)
  • I – incomplete

In Grades 6 through 12, semester and final grades will be computed by averaging numerical grades. Quarterly grades will be calculated by deriving a quarterly mathematical average, then translating that average into a letter grade using the scale listed above.

In addition to marking achievement in the subject areas, teachers are required to mark one other column on the report card. The citizenship report is the teacher’s judgment regarding the student’s adherence to classroom standards of acceptable behavior. Citizenship is rated as follows:

• O – outstanding
• S – satisfactory
• N – needs improvement

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