Hollywood, MD- For the past several years, Southern Maryland Musicians have collaborated and brought the Christmas cheer to SoMd with their versions of Christmas Classics.

In 2016, “Silent Night” Southern Maryland Featuring Robbie Boothe, Loren Day, Donovan Farrell, Donald Quade, Wes Ryce, LaKeisha Smith, and Brandi Lynne Wightman. Filmed by Vincent Chapman, Evita Chapman and from SargasMedia.com.

” I’m just lucky and honored to get the call every year. When Donovan pulled us together for SoMD thang, then True Heroes, it was for the love of the community. We expanded and did Hallelujah for the same reason. Little did we know Facebook would take that worldwide,” says Wes Ryce. ” Now each year I see comments from as far away as Australia waiting for its release. I love the holidays and the music, and it’s a treat to get together with our crew. Our video shoots are a blast and we like to showcase as many different areas of the county as possible. Donovan deserves all the credit though, the 5 min video you see is literally a result of his dedication to the project. He spends 100s, yes easily 100s, of hours in front the computer to produce each one of these. “

In 2017 the group got back together for “O Holy Night” Southern Maryland Featuring Robbie Boothe, Donovan Farrelll, Phillip Michael Parsons, Donald Quade, Wes Ryce, LaKeisha Smith, and Brandi Lynne Wightman. Filmed by Vincent Chapman, Evita Chapman and Matt Beverley from Sargas Media.

“I do it each year to showcase my beautiful home Southern Maryland. I love to showcase some of our extraordinary musicians, while also showing off our gorgeous scenery and wonderful businesses that we are so blessed to have,” said Donovan Farrell.” I’ve literally traveled the world and Southern Maryland is still the most beautiful place I have ever seen and I thank God every day for the great community that I am from and live in. We are humbled by the love and support we receive from our neighbors each year for these videos. Thanks so much SoMD, we love you!!!”

This year the group once again got together, this time filming at Hills Country Store in Mechanicsville, MD.

” For me, the Christmas video is about making others happy. I enjoy being able to bring joy to people, especially this time of year, ” says Robbie Boothe. “I know how much people look forward to this every year and it makes each of us feel good inside when we are able to spread joy. “

“Christmas Mashup” Southern Maryland

FeaturingRobbie Boothe,Donovan Farrell,Phillip Michael Parsons,Donald Quade,Wes Ryce,LaKeisha Smith, andBrandi Sydnor. Filmed byConnor Bullis(director & editor) &Ed Winson DelmorofromWinson Media(Drone & Additional footage). Mixed and mastered by “RockinRob Layman“.

Added to the mix this year is Hannah Peregoy of TrilogyandTaraReaofNightcap.

Their rendition of “Little Drummer Boy” is done in the style of Jennifer Nettles ft. Idina Menzel.

“Tara and I got the idea about 2 weeks ago that we should record a Christmas song together (we’ve been talking about collaborating on something for months and it just never formed).When deciding on a song, Aaron sent me the Jennifer Nettles cover of Little Drummer Boy because he thought the beat was fun and I jumped on it since it is my dad’s favorite Christmas song.” said Peregoy. ” I was really excited to get it recorded and send it to him for Christmas. Tara is also an amazingly talented singer and we have similar “power” voices so it was really cool to do this song together and promote another female artist in the area. “

“This song has always been one of my favorite Christmas songs. I’ve love a variety of versions that have come out over the years, and happy to have one where I’m apart of it,” said Tara.” And Hannah is amazing. My favorite voice in the area! We loved going out to see Trilogy. Her cover of Separate Ways gives me life.”

WE hope you enjoy the sounds of Christmas from our Southern Maryland Local Musicians and please click on their names to follow them on Facebook!

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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