#10- Toots Bar Burglarized- (30,178 views)On January 19,2018, The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office reported a break-in at Toot’s Bar in Hollywood, MD.

#9- Thirteen year old charged in Leonardtown MD False assault report– (36,612 views)On February 19, 2018 a student at Leonardtown Middle School n Leonardtown, MD reported to school officials that a male teacher has touched her inappropriately. The St. Mary’s COunty Sheriff’s Office responded and took reports along with looking at video of the alleged incident. After review of the video, it was determined that the incident did not take place. The juvenile was charged with making a false report.

#8- $50,000 Powerball winner sold in Mechanicsville, MD-(38,980 views) A $50,000 winning Powerball Ticket was sold at the Mechanicsville, MD Burchmart in September 2018.


#7- California, MD Cheeseburger in Paradise-(45,710 views) On August 20, 201 a local restaurant known for summer inspired decor and food, abruptly closed it’s doors. In 2009 the company was sold and then again in 2012. Rumors were the company was shuttering local Cheeseburgers and Fuddruckers( another company owned by Luby’s).

#6- Missing 12-year-Olds-(80,433 views) On February 20, 2018 two 12 year old children went missing in Mechanicsville, MD. They were found approximately 24 hours later. The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office provided no information other than they were located.

#5- Three Month old killed in 301 Crash-(101,595 views)In May 7, 2018 a crash involving a vehicle carrying a three month old infant occured on Route 301 and Pierce Road in Waldorf, MD. The Driver of the Freightliner truck that caused the accident was placed under arrest for DUI and Negligent Manslaughter


#4- Escaped Prisoner believed to be in St. Mary’s County-(110,420 views) On December 1, 2018, Cul Priest Lamont Jones was reported escaped from a North Carolina Prison, and a vehicle stolen by Jones was found in Callaway, MD. Mr. Jones was convicted of Attempted Murder in North Carolina. This case has been unresolved.

#3- Mattawoman Creek-( 110,623 collective views) This was again another Topic that caused multiple articles throughout the year. At least four times in 2018 the Mattawoman Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility overflowed with rax wastewater into Mattawoman Creek due to heavy rains. By our calculations at least 1,045,000 gallons of raw wastewater/diluted sewage was spilled into the Creek this year from this facility.

#2- Hogan Declares Maryland State of Emergency-(210,414 views) On September 10, 2018 Hurricane Florence was barreling up the East Coast. In a preemptive measure to prepare for what could become a Category 5 Hurricane in our region, Governor Larry Hogan declared a State of Emergency. Florence eventually made landfall in the Carolinas, stalling and dropping 30 inches of rain in some areas. Florence caused 55 deaths, and between $33 and $50 Billion in damages

#1- Great Mills High School Shooting-(843,213 views) This particular article had numerous articles and updates attached to it. On March 20, 2018 a student at Great Mills High School, in Great Mills, MD arrived at school and proceeded to shoot fellow students Jaelynn Wiley(16, deceased) and Desmond Barnes(14 yo). The shooter was shot and killed by School Resource Officer Deputy First Class Blaine Gaskell of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office.

This list is compiled based on the number of views each news article received throughout the year.

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