The Southern Maryland Guitar Guru’s Show Episode 15 “The Talk of the Town” – 2:24:00

We start the show off with a quick two minute chat then we get “Higgy” on the beat on the phone, He brings us up to date with all the goings on in Southern Maryland. We then call local legend Frankie Clarke and talk to him about his show on March 9th in Gettysburg, PA! It was the talk of the town and lasted over an hour. It’s truly must listen music talk radio. We chillout from the Frankie call by talking about the pre show meal that Spoons BBQ – LaPlata provided the show tonight. It was delicious!! Up next is Sean Kirkpatrick in his weekly segment “Sean in 60 seconds” we talked about the Ollie’s appearance and we reviewed the show.

TRILOGY BAND tore it up so no worries there. In the homestretch of the show is the Quad D call! It’s Dan/Dan & Dave/Dave talking story & music of Southern Maryland. Dave Barbee breaks serious news about Rock Bottom please tune to hear all about it. Dave Watts was energetic and quick witted. Listen for yourself to see what I mean, We close out the show by way of Island Music Company’s “Guitar of the Week” segment. What an awesome Stratocaster so much so that we dialed up Chris Dean to have him talk about as well. Like I said this episode is “The Talk of the Town.

Use the episode guide below to get you where you need in a hurry…. #GuruNation 4 Life ???

00:00:00 – Intro Talk Session

00:02:00 – David M. Higgins II – Southern Maryland Chronicle

00:07:12 – Intro Talk Session #2

00:12:50 – Frankie Clarke – Last Remains: Hammer of the Gods

01:14:24 – Spoon’s BBQ- LaPlata – Preshow meal review

01:27:00 – Sean Kirkpatrick “Sean in 60 Seconds” Ollies Bar & Grill TRILOGY BAND show review

01:39:45 – Dave Barbee – Dave Watts – Rock Bottom / The Gods Hate Texas

02:10:45 – Island Music Company presents “The Guitar of the Week” This week we have special guest Chris Dean on the phone talking about the guitar of the week.

02:24:00 END

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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