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The Chesapeake Mermaid, local volunteer and children’s edutainer, is releasing a second children’s book explaining some of the biggest challenges facing the environment and sparking hope for the future.


The Giants of the Bay is the second storybook for the Chesapeake Mermaid and illustrator Angela R. Mitchell, and was inspired by many small efforts being done to reverse changes made during the bay’s history. In the story, many real challenges are put forth by the giant characters.

“Small things matter. There are people making positive efforts every day that go unrecognized because they aren’t part of some big group,” said Mitchell, emmy nominated artist and animal rescue volunteer, “I wanted children of all ages to understand how big problems happen but also how little changes by a lot of people can add up. It’s not hopeless.”

In The Giants of the Bay, the Chesapeake Mermaid finds change is coming fast. Giants are in our region and they don’t hear the small voices around them. Feeling small and helpless, the mermaid discovers the solution can be found in one another. Together, the Chesapeake Mermaid and the children of the region bring positive impact as they learn and plan for their future.

This science fiction fantasy introduces some of the biggest challenges facing the environment – development, industry, and policy. Children will learn through a compelling story, enchanted illustrations, fun facts for further exploration, two maps, a song, and ideas on what they can do to help the environment. The Chesapeake Mermaid, and her magical Seeds of Knowledge, will be on tour this year throughout the region to meet with fans in person and share adventure stories of the Chesapeake Bay.

“A fantasy within the realm of reality,” says John Bonanno, President of the Coastal Conservation Association Maryland. “Both adults and children should be aware what we do today has impact in years to come. The Chesapeake Bay belongs to everyone and we are all responsible for its future.”

Their first storybook, The Last Bivalvian, connected families with oyster recovery efforts happening in the bay region. It was released in June of 2017 and has sold more than 500 copies across in the Chesapeake watershed and beyond. The Chesapeake Mermaid team celebrated 75 appearances and reached more than 35,000 people across 4 states last August.

The Chesapeake Mermaid believes The Giants of the Bay will spark new hope in families who may be feeling overwhelmed by negative environmental news. Maps draw parallels between the story and our real world, inviting readers to visit landmarks in regional parks and explore what they can do in their everyday lives to help the environment.

Mitchell comments, “I think our best investment is in our children. The environment didn’t get this way overnight. They’ll continue in the right direction and we can turn this ship around.”

The Giants of the Bay, a 32 page picture book recommended for ages 6 and up, is available for pre-sale on in hardback and paperback. Books are expected to ship in March. A list of appearances by the Chesapeake Mermaid can be found at and

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