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Provides Free Interpretation, Document Translation Services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention (GOCCP) announced a $953,519 grant for Ayuda, an organization that provides legal, social, and language services to help crime victims who are non-English speaking or Deaf and hard of hearing. This award was part of the nearly $50 million in Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) grants announced by Governor Hogan on January 11, 2019. VOCA funding is aimed at improving services, safety, and security for crime victims and their families.

With the VOCA grant funding provided by GOCCP, Ayuda launched a Victim Services Interpreter Bank in Maryland earlier this month. The Bank is available for use by non-profit organizations to connect Maryland residents who are victims of crime with social workers, therapists, and other victim services. The Bank will provide free in-person interpretation, telephonic interpretation, and document translation services for those individuals who are non-english speaking or are Deaf or hard of Hearing.

“GOCCP is committed to supporting Maryland crime victims through funding provided to victim service organizations statewide,” said Glenn Fueston, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention. “Ayuda Interpreter Bank services are a vital component in protecting and caring for our citizens, while filling a need in immigrant and Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities.” 

Following the launch of the Interpreter Bank, Ayuda’s Language Access Program began accepting applications for Breaking Silence, a four-day interpreter training course. Participants will learn appropriate interpreting protocols, including engagement in skills practice with realistic scenarios. Graduates of the training qualify to accept paid assignments as independent contractors for Ayuda’s Victim Services Interpreter Bank. 

For more information about these services and how an organization can benefit from incorporating language access, contact

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