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Each year in April, Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) hosts an employer-employee breakfast to honor students in the Career Research and Development (CRD) program. This year’s breakfast was held April 4 at Middleton Hall in Waldorf. Invited are juniors and seniors enrolled in CRD, a program that provides them with work experience and on-the-job training related to their career goals. Employers also attend the breakfast to highlight their student employees.

The goal of the breakfast is to recognize businesses and organizations for their commitment to helping students achieve success toward their future. Additionally, all CRD students are recognized for balancing their academics with work experience, and a Student of the Year award recipient is announced.

This year, CCPS staff and the CRD Advisory Committee charged with selecting one Student of the Year honoree conducted interviews and determined that three CRD students were worthy of the award. For the first time, three CCPS seniors share the title of CRD Student of the Year. They are Jordyn Boyd of Maurice J. McDonough High School; Kimberly Garay of Henry E. Lackey High School; and Amaiya Holman of Thomas Stone High School.

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) held its annual Career Research and Development (CRD) program employer-employee breakfast April 4 at Middleton Hall in Waldorf. During the event, three CRD students were identified as Student of the Year honorees. Pictured, from left, are Board of Education Chairman Virginia McGraw, Board Vice Chairman Latina Wilson, Thomas Stone High School senior Amaiya Holman, Maurice J. McDonough High School senior Jordyn Boyd, Henry E. Lackey High School senior Kimberly Garay, Board Members Elizabeth Brown and Tajala Battle-Lockhart, and Superintendent of Schools Kimberly Hill. Holman, Boyd and Garay were recognized for their performance in the CRD program, commitment to balancing school with career training and for serving as role models for their peers. High school juniors and seniors can enroll in the CRD program to gain on-the-job experience and explore a career of interest. At the breakfast, employers and their employees are honored for their commitment to the CRD program.

Boyd works at Chick-fil-A in La Plata and plans to study marketing after she graduates. Her CRD coordinator, Colleen Bonnell, said Boyd is an example of a hard working student who balances academics with community support. “She has an exemplary work ethic and is a role model student. She struggled with her grades as a freshman but put in the work to do better. Her time management skills are amazing and so is her support for the community. From toy drives to the Project Prom dress drive, she is always working to help others,” Bonnell said.

As a Student of the Year honoree, Boyd received a $1,500 scholarship for use toward career certification programs, college tuition, books or other job training programs.

Garay works at a hair salon called Estillo Latino and plans to attend college after she graduates in June. Lackey CRD coordinator Timothy McGlenn said Garay is a passionate student. “Kim has the ability to have an excellent rapport with everyone. She is genuinely interested in helping others. She is exceptionally responsible and works well with others,” McGlenn said.

As a Student of the Year honoree, Garay received a $1,000 scholarship.

Holman works at Chick-fil-A in Brandywine and plans to attend college and study information technology. Her CRD instructor, Kimberly Black, said Holman is an exceptional student. “Amaiya is a strong student and role model for her peers. She has excellent communication skills,” Black said.

Holman also received a $1,500 scholarship.

Student nominees are selected by their program coordinators. Nominees then complete an interview process in which one student is generally chosen for the honor. This year, the CRD Advisory Committee chose all three finalists for the honor. “All three students are exceptional and did well in the interview. We could not choose just one,” Carrie Akins, CCPS instructional specialist for career and technology education, said.

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