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On April 10 at approximately 10:40 a.m., it was brought to a La Plata High School administrator’s attention that a student had revealed he had a bullet in his possession. The administrator brought the student to the office and found him to be in possession of a handgun and bullets. A school resource officer arrested the student and took possession of the firearm and bullets. The student – a 14-year-old male – was charged as a juvenile with possession of a weapon on school property, possession of a loaded handgun on person, carrying a concealed dangerous weapon and other related charges. In this case, by law, the student cannot be charged as an adult due to his age. Cpl. K. Burger is continuing the investigation to determine why the student brought the gun to school. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Cpl. K. Burger at (301) 932-2222.

This letter was sent to parents today by the Principal of the School:

April 10, 2019
Dear Parents/Guardians:
This morning, a student reported to an administrator that a classmate showed her a bullet. The administrator brought the student to the office and found him to be in possession of a handgun and bullets.
The School Resource Officer removed the student from school. The student faces multiple criminal charges including possession of a weapon on school property. The student also faces school disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.
This is the second incident of a student bringing a handgun into La Plata High School in the past two months. Please know, we share your concerns and our Director of School Safety and Security Jason Stoddard will meet with our students to talk about school safety. I invite you to attend a parent meeting on Tuesday, April 16 at 7 p.m. in the La Plata auditorium. Mr. Stoddard and I will discuss the details of the two handgun incidents and solicit your input on possible solutions.
La Plata High School has a system in place to receive information and to follow up on it. It worked again today, and we commend the student who reported what she perceived as a threat to school safety. Please remind your children that if they See Something, Say Something, and if they have information about any illegal, threatening or dangerous activity, they should immediately contact a staff member at the school.
I am out of the office until Friday morning on school system business, but I have been in constant contact with my administrative team and Mr. Stoddard today as we worked on this issue.
Thank you for your continued support of La Plata High School. I hope you will join me Tuesday evening to talk about school safety.
Douglass Dolan

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