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On April 3, 2019 the Department of Emergency services alerted the Town that the tornado siren at Silver Linden Park in Clarks Run was reading an error. The contractor which we have our maintenance agreement with came down on April 4 to inspect the siren. It was determined the solar panels that charge the batteries had been damaged. They provided a quote to the Town on April 5 and on April 8 the Town signed the contract to have the solar panels replaced.

Currently the expected ship date of the parts is May 20 and the contractor will expedite the installation once the parts are received.

In the meantime, this siren is out of service. Outdoor warning sirens are intended to warn residents that are outdoors of the imminent tornado threat. The sirens are not intended nor guaranteed to warn residents whom are indoors. Residents indoors should rely on weather radios, television and radio messages, or phone notification system for emergency notifications regarding imminent emergencies or weather threats.

We encourage residents to register for the Citizen Notification Service (CNS). This service provides updates and alerts from Charles County Government and the National Weather service. Tornado Sirens are intended to warn residents of an imminent tornado

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