News Release, Maryland Department of Agriculture

Beekeepers, Specialty Crop Growers, and Pesticide Applicators Encouraged to Sign Up for FieldWatch Registries

ANNAPOLIS, MD – The Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide Regulation Section has announced the implementation of FieldWatch, an online registry that connects beekeepers, specialty crop growers, and pesticide applicators around the state. This registry uses precision mapping tools to help commercial applicators know where beehives and specialty crops are located, thus showing which areas are more sensitive to pesticides.

“We are thrilled to have this new system in place so we can promote better communication between beekeepers, specialty crop growers, and pesticide applicators,” said the department’s Pesticide Regulation Section Program Manager Dennis Howard. “This stream-lined system will help create awareness among these groups and improve stewardship in Maryland. Since switching over to FieldWatch early this year, the department has received excellent feedback from registrants on the user-friendly interface and the timeliness of the data.”

The department has maintained a sensitive crop registry for several years. In January of this year, the department entered into an agreement with FieldWatch to start providing registry services. The FieldWatch mapping tools allow users to update their own information in real-time, so pesticide applicators can make the most informed decision before spraying.

FieldWatch offers three free voluntary mapping tools called DriftWatch, BeeCheck, and FieldCheck. All Maryland beekeepers, specialty crop growers, and pesticide applicators are encouraged to sign up.

To register, go to and choose the type of account you would like to create. Beekeepers should register for BeeCheck, specialty crop growers should register for DriftWatch, and applicators should register for FieldCheck. For more information about FieldWatch, read this helpful resource or call the department’s Pesticide Regulation Section at 410-841-5710.

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