Focuses on Legislature’s Continued Out-of-Control Spending, Refuses to Play Funding Games

News Release, Office of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

ANNAPOLIS, MD—At a meeting of the Board of Public Works today,Governor Larry Hogan announced funding for critical public safety and health programs. The administration will fund these essential programs through savings within the existing budget, rather than allow extra “fenced-off” spending by the General Assembly.

“The legislature continues to spend recklessly, and has jeopardized funding for a number of worthwhile programs it cut from our budget to pay for its own wish list,” Governor Hogan said. “Despite the fiscal challenges that the legislature’s out-of-control spending have caused us, we cannot allow critical public safety and health needs to go unmet. Our administration will work within the existing budget to fund these critical public safety and health programs.”

Public Safety and Health.The Department of Budget and Management will identify ways to fund critical public safety and health programs within the existing budget. Governor Hogan announced that the administration will continue to look at funding options for other items in the budget, including funding in fiscal year 2021.

Public SafetyPublic Health
Baltimore City Crime Prevention InitiativeStatewide Bed Registry
Local Law Enforcement GrantsNon-Opioid Pain Management
Baltimore City Police Department Technology ImprovementsChildhood Neurodevelopmental and Mental Health Disorders
Rape Kit Testing Grant FundTuberculosis Grants
Pretrial Services Program Grant FundHepatitis C Funding
Prince George’s State’s Attorney OfficeMCO Rates affecting post-partum women
Baltimore City State’s Attorney OfficeTwo-Generation Model

School Construction.Governor Hogan announced that he will re-submit his school construction plan at the start of the 2020 legislative session. The General Assembly cut school construction funding from the governor’s budget, and failed to act on the administration’s plan to clear nearly all of the school construction backlog across the state.

Fiscal Responsibility.Governor Hogan’s announcement today will prevent about $245 million in extra ‘fenced-off’ spending by the General Assembly, and put that money toward balancing the budget and accounting for the legislature’s new mandated spending.This year alone, the legislature cut $90 million from the state’s Rainy Day fund and $50 million from the pension fund, while adding $114 million in new ongoing spending for fiscal year 2021.The legislature’s fiscally irresponsible proposals would lead to an $18.7 billion deficit over the next five years.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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