Richard Panik, Garnet Hathaway, and Brendan Leipsic were signed as free agents in July

by Taryn Bray @tarynbray /

It was announced during the first few days of NHL free agency that the Capitals had signed three forwards: Richard Panik, Garnet Hathaway, and Brendan Leipsic. We’re taking you into their lives outside of the hockey world. 


He has an eight-month-old puppy that takes up most of his time outside of hockey. His name is Finn, he’s a Labrador and German Sheperd mix. Garnet got him during his time in Calgary and loves to do activities with his new furry friend.

Hathaway spends his time during the offseason back home in Maine where’s from where he likes to grill out and cook during the summer days. He enjoys fishing and this offseason, he has been trying to pick up fly fishing before he has to focus all of his attention back on hockey. Being from Maine, his favorite food is lobster and he actually used to run a lobster roll cart during his college summers (yum).


A fun fact about Richard is that he was a three-time Judo champion in Slovakia when he was growing up. Judo was his main sport when was younger until hockey took over full time. In his spare time, he also enjoys trap shooting. There’s a gun range in the town in Slovakia where he grew up and where he spends his offseasons. 

Panik has a 14-month old daughter named Lilien. He loves seeing how much they learn as babies in such a short amount of time and seeing them explore the world around them. He spends as much time with her as possible during the offseason since during the season he’s away so much.


If you follow Brendan on Instagram, you’ll notice how much he loves his dogs. He has two St. Bernards, one is a girl named Sadie and the other is a boy named Duncan. During the offseason, he goes back to Kenora, Ontario where he spends most of his time taking them to the dog park and hanging out at the lake with his friends.

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