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July 23, 2019, Commissioner Update:

Today was my turn to lead in the prayer and pledge of allegiance at the start of today’s meeting. We then approved the consent agenda and minutes from our last meeting. The first item of business was a legislative brief from Senator Jack Bailey and Jodi Stanalonis where we discussed the Senator’s efforts to improve the Great Mills intersection, working with the Maryland Stadium Authority and supporting St. Clements Island.

Following that was our presentation of the Wellness Challenge Awards. After that, we approved the acquisition and disposition of property located in Colton’s Point—which basically was a swap of lots with another landowner to allow for contiguous pieces of property at no cost to the taxpayers.

In our County Administrator time, we approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Social Services and Recreation and Parks to facilitate a Work Experience Internship Program. We also approved an MOU with the Southern Maryland Agriculture Development Commission for the Regional Agriculture Center, which will provide $1,000,000 of grant money to the facility. Our third MOU for the morning was with the Southern Maryland Agriculture Commission of the Tri-County Council, which will provide a $20,000 grant for the value-added portion of the Northern Farmer’s Market that is being constructed.

Next, we approved the Community Partnership Agreement with the Local Management Board and approved the acceptance of $473,718 in state funds (with a county match of $2,397). We also approved six sub-recipient agreements.

This funding comes from the Governor’s Office for Children and is focused on four areas:

  • disconnected youth;
  • children and families affected by incarceration;
  • homeless youth; and
  • childhood hunger.

I also addressed the LMB making use of the county BoardDocs and providing increased transparency.

The next item of business was the approval of a grant application to the Federal and Maryland Aviation Administrations in support of the St. Mary’s County Regional Airport Master Plan—the grant amount would be $3,381,839 from the Federal government and $187,879 from the State with a local match of $187,882. This funding would provide site improvements for the extension of the airport runway, parallel taxiway and the new apron (this is the second phase of a 3-year runway extension program).

After that, we approved property acquisition easement agreements for a total of $82,689 that will allow the completion of the Buck Hewitt Road Project. Then Mr. John Deatrick, the Director of Public Works and Transportation, presented the plan for parking lot impacts during the renovation and construction on the Adult Detention and Rehabilitation Center (the jail).

Following that was a discussion of the YMCA Plan of Action. We approved the formation of an exploratory committee comprised of various government and community members and a plan to raise public awareness.

Our final item of business for the morning was the approval of a resolution delegating administrative authority in the absence of the county administrator. We also approved a motion to ensure all commissioners provide input into the county administrator’s yearly evaluation.

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