Player finds second bigKenowin this decade

News Release, Maryland Lottery

A Charles County Public Schools employee is celebrating today after winning $12,560 playingKeno,which is his favorite game. The lucky La Plata man routinely plays the same numbers and they earned him another trip to the Lottery Winner’s Circle. In 2010, he won $10,000.

His recent win came on a Saturday after the 62-year-old stopped at a Dash In store in La Plata to purchase a few games. The loyal player had shopped all day and decided to buy a fewKenotickets before heading home.

“I played a 7 spot with the bonus and left the store to watch the games later,” said the Charles County man, smiling.

The bachelor watched the drawings at home on his computer. To his surprise, he saw all seven of his numbers come out! The 5X bonus on the game increased his prize to $12,560.

“Let’s just say I may have screamed like a girl,” he said, laughing. After the shock of winning wore off a bit, the happy man phoned a good friend to share the news.

“I was really glad he won,” said his friend, who accompanied the winner to claim the prize. “Maybe next time his luck will rub off on me.”

TheKenofan plans to pay bills with his prize, take care of some dental work and get his car fixed.

Dash In #035, which sold the winning ticket, also can celebrate. The Charles County retailer located at 601 Charles Street in La Plata earns a bonus from the Lottery for selling a winningKenoticket worth $10,000 or more. The Lottery retailer’s bonus is $125.60, equal to 1 percent of the prize.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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