News Release, and mugshots courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

08/12/19-  Johnny Alphonso Barber, age 26 of Washington, D.C. -Theft by Dep. Hersh# 343.  CASE# 62261-9

Johnny Alphonso Barber

08/13/19-  Elizabeth Irene Gray, age 24 of Piney Point-Burglary 2nd and 4th Degree and Theft by Dep. Kilgore# 347.  CASE# 40054-19

Elizabeth Irene Gray

Criminal Citation:
08/09/19-  John Michael Wood, age 31 of Mechanicsville–  Theft by Cpl.Steinbach# 268.  CASE# 45190-19

John Michael Wood 

08/11/19-  Ronald Harold Plum Jr., age 61 of Lexington Park– Theft by Cpl. Connelly# 151.  CASE# 45757-19 (No Photograph Available)

Juvenile Arrests:
08/03/19- Juvenile male, age 16 of Waldorf– Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking, Theft, Driving Vehicle Without Owners Consent, Taking Vehicle without owner’s consent with Intent to Deprive Owner, Driving Motor Vehicle on Highway without Required License and Authorization, and Willful Motor Vehicle Damaging by Cpl. Handy# 132.  CASE# 44156-19

08/03/19-  Juvenile female, age 17 of Lexington Park-Theft by Cpl. Tirpak# 270.  CASE# 44049-19

08/03/19-  Juvenile male, age 17 of Waldorf- Motor Vehicle/Unlawful Taking, Theft, and Malicious Destruction of Property by Dep. Shelko# 326.  CASE# 44156-19

08/07/19-  Juvenile female, age 16 of Leonardtown– Theft by Dep. T. Snyder# 342.  CASE# 44802-19

08/08/19-  Juvenile female, age 17 of Leonardtown– Burglary 4th Degree by Dep. Hersh# 343.  CASE# 44988-19

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