150,000 Awareness Campaign Postcards Sent to Low-income Homeowners and Renters

News Release, Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation

The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) has developed an exciting and innovative online tax credit application system now available to the public. The new online system will only strengthen our ability to continue processing all tax credit applications in an accurate and timely manner and uphold the Department’s commitment to Governor Hogan’s Customer Service Promise.

SDAT will be accepting applications through October 1, 2019, as compared to the expected deadline of September 3rd. Also, as part of the 2019 Tax Credit Awareness Campaign, SDAT has mailed more than 150,000 postcards to low-income Maryland homeowners and renters who may be eligible to receive a credit but have not yet applied. SDAT representatives have consistently participated in various community outreach events throughout the year hosted by senior centers, neighborhood alliances, and non-profit organizations to educate Marylanders about tax relief that may be available to them.

The Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit Program provides tax relief for eligible homeowners by setting a limit on the amount of property taxes owed based on their income. If a resident has already paid their property taxes and applies before October 1, any tax credit that the homeowner may be eligible for will be refunded by their county finance office. To access and submit the 2019 Homeowners’ Tax Credit application online, click here. If a paper application is preferred, click here to download. Once completed, the application should be mailed to “State Department of Assessments & Taxation, Homeowners’ Tax Credit Program, P.O. Box 49005, Baltimore, MD 21297.”

The Renters’ Property Tax Credit Program similarly provides tax relief for eligible renters who pay high monthly rent relative to their total income. This credit is issued in the form of a direct check payment of up to $1,000 a year. To access and submit the 2019 Renters’ Tax Credit application online, click here. If a paper application is preferred, click here to download. Once completed, the application should be mailed to: State Department of Assessments & Taxation, Renters’ Tax Credit Program, P.O. Box 49006, Baltimore, MD 21297.

To determine whether you are eligible to receive a tax credit, you may visit the links above or call 410-767-4433 or 1-800-944-7403 (toll-free within Maryland). To receive an application, please call 410-767-4238.

While completing your tax credit application, please read the instructions carefully, provide all required documentation, and review your application to ensure that all fields have been completed before submission. If you need assistance while completing your application, multi-lingual specialists from the Maryland Benefits Center are available to assist individuals during the tax credit application process.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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