BY: David M. Higgins II

UPDATE 9:28 p.m.- The article is being updated/corrected to include new facts. The original map location gave a location in Allens Fresh. The corrected address places it in Charlotte Hall.

The initial report of a Tractor-Trailer was incorrect and we have since learned it was a farm vehicle. Both occupants of the vehicles refused transport. But per a family member the driver of the truck, she advised to go to the hospital and did so.

The Aunt of the operator of the pick-up truck has contacted us to confirm she was okay and to give us the newer info that this was a farm vehicle, which we confirmed through independent sources.

As always, when breaking news happens, initial reports are just that… initial. Things can and do change once on the scene. We do our best to correct any mistakes AND also highlight that we did change something. We will update again if necessary.

Allens Fresh, MD- At approximately 7:45 p.m., 9-1-1 dispatch was alerted to a tractor-trailer crash on Oaks Road in the area of Keech Road.

The preliminary information suggests that a tractor-trailer has overturned and that a pick-up truck was either involved in the crash or is underneath the tractor-trailer.

Watch for emergency vehicles and personnel in the area and expect delays

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