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(Middle River, MD) The Maryland State Police Aviation Command has streamlined and condensed its hiring process. Our condensed process will accommodate eligible applicants for an interview with in two weeks or less from the time their application is submitted based on availability. Interviews are being conducted weekly for the following positions.

The Maryland State Police Aviation Command has vacancies for Pilots and Technicians throughout the State and is aggressively attempting to fill them. Interested persons are urged to apply by following the directions below.

Aviation Technician (Salary based on experience level $49,476 – $64,214)

This is an experienced technician engaged in the maintenance of turbine powered aircraft. As a skilled technician, this employee has responsibility for maintaining aircraft according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements and manufacturer’s specifications, either at a central repair area or in the field. The employee is normally required to maintain proper Departmental or Unit forms and records pertaining to the aircraft.

MSP Pilot I-A ($67,312)

Second-in-Command is the intermediate level of civilian helicopter pilot work within the Maryland State Police Aviation Command (MSPAC). Employees will act as the Second-in-Command pilot of helicopters enumerated in the MSPAC Operating Procedures and as directed by the Director of Flight Operations or the Commanding Officer of the MSPAC. Flight Operations will be conducted in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules and regulations for aero-medical missions; search and rescue missions; homeland security; disaster assessment and other law enforcement related missions.

MSP Pilot II ($75,389.00 – 99,482.00)

An MSP Pilot II is full performance level of civilian helicopter aircraft pilot work in the MSP Aviation Command (MSPAC). The pilot acts as the Pilot-in-Command (PIC) and shall be directly responsible for and the final authority over the operation of the aircraft assigned to him. This includes ground as well as flight operations. Responsible for ensuring all MSPAC and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations concerning operation of Department aircraft are strictly followed. Responsible for the aircraft being in a constant state of readiness and shall notify the appropriate supervisor of any discrepancy of a grounding nature. Responsible for all records concerning the aircraft and make recommendations on new equipment, procedures, innovations, etc., as appropriate, through channels to the Command’s Commander. Review FAA Regulations and Air Traffic Control procedures for the area of operation. Works in conjunction with the Second-in-Command Pilot (SIC), medical personnel and other passengers that form the crew. May act as an SIC pilot.

How to Apply

Go to Maryland’


  • Comprehensive Retirement Plan for Pilots (LEOPS) and Technicians
  • Negotiated Salary increases every year for 20 years
  • Overtime
  • Semi-Annual Flight Boot allowance (Pilots only)
  • Uniforms
  • Paid Vacation Leave:  10-25 days per year, (based on yrs. of service)
  • Paid Sick Leave:  15 days per year
  • Paid Personal Leave:  48 Hours per year
  • Paid Holidays:  11 days per year (12 in Election Years)
  • Paid Military Leave:  15 days per year
  • Compensatory Time (Earned at 1.5 hours per hour worked)
  • FMLA
  • Paid Bereavement Leave
  • Employee Leave bank
  • Deferred Compensation Plan 401/457
  • Health Insurance
  • Prescription Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Vision Plan
  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan
  • Flexible Spending Account (Pre Tax Benefit on Child Care, Dependent Care and Health Benefits)
  • Free Mass Transit
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Secondary Employment
  • Direct Deposit
  • State Employees Credit Union
  • Employee Assistance Program

We are totally committed to making your experience with the Maryland State Police a rewarding one. Should you have any questions or experience difficulty navigating the On-Line Applicant process please feel free to contact Mr. Jay Diggs at or Ms. Christina Blake at or either at 410-238-5800.

For additional information on the Maryland State Police Aviation Command, you are encouraged to visit our web site at WWW.MDSP.ORG.

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