This page provides daily information about the operations and scheduling of activities at the Potomac River Test Range and the Explosive Experimental Area (Pumpkin Neck).

These facilities are used by our military to conduct munitions testing and should be avoided while testing is in progress. Click on any of the areas of interest to the right for additional information.

Range / Weapons Testing Hotline: 877-845-5656 (toll-free) for daily updates on range operation and test schedules.

Noise Questions & Comments: 866-359-5540 (toll-free) to comment or ask a question about noise or vibrations you think are being caused by operations at Dahlgren.

For more information on NSWC Dahlgren’s range schedule, contact the NSWCDD Public Affairs Office, (540) 653-8152.

Range Schedule for the week of Nov. 25-29

Monday, Nov. 25

Testing at: AA Fuze Range

  • Operating Times: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Noise on Station: Potential to create “Moderate” noise in the eastern (Main Range) area of NSF Dahlgren.
  • Noise Down Range: Potential to create “Moderate” noise downrange and in communities surrounding NSF Dahlgren.
  • River Restrictions: Restricted approximately 10,000 yards downrange from NSF Dahlgren below the yellow “O” buoy (Maryland) and to the yellow “N” buoy (Virginia). River closed to yellow N and O buoys
  • Roads Closed on Station: River Bank Road/Fuze Road
  • Barricades Closed on Station: Main Range and AA Fuze Range Barricades
  • EMCON Conditions: None
  • MR Shelter Condition: None
  • Other Notifications: None

Tuesday, Nov. 26

Testing at: Building 213

  • Operating Times: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  • Noise on Station: None
  • Noise Down Range: None
  • River Restrictions: Upper Machodoc Creek restricted
  • Roads Closed on Station: None
  • Barricades Closed on Station: Barricades behind Building 213
  • EMCON Conditions: None
  • MR Shelter Condition:
  • Other Notifications: None

Wednesday, Nov. 27

No Testing Scheduled

Thursday, Nov. 28

No Testing Scheduled

Friday, Nov. 29

No Testing Scheduled

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