Arrest briefs and mugshots are courtesy of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

11/29/19- Michael Andrea Johnson, age 38 of California– Harass-Course of Conduct and Violation of Release Conditions by Cpl. Flerlage# 241.  CASE# 67767-19

Michael Andrea Johnson

12/01/19- Kacey Grace Medeiros, age 27 of Lexington Park– Failure to Appear by Dep. Luffey# 352.  CASE# 68814-19

Kacey Grace Medeiros 

12/02/19- Sherry Lynn King, age 44 of Lexington Park– Theft by Cpl. Connelly# 151.  CASE# 68961-19

Sherry Lynn King 

12/02/19- Zachary Alan Kiger, age 30 of Lexington Park– Escape 2nd Degree/Condition of Release by Dep. Luffey# 352.  CASE# 68844-19

Zachary Alan Kiger

12/04/19- Brian Christopher Hancock, age 40 of Leonardtown– two counts of CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Dep. Graves# 354.  CASE# 69378-19

Brian Christopher Hancock

12/04/19- Gohar Tarek Shaaban, age 26 of Tall Timbers– two counts of Assault 1st Degree, three counts of Assault 2nd Degree, and Destruction of Property by Cpl. Reppel# 141.  CASE# 63656-19

Gohar Tarek Shaaban 

Criminal Citations:

12/01/19- Steven Rene Tharpe Jr., age 29 of Lexington Park– Theft by Dep. Burgess# 355.  CASE# 67561-19

Steven Rene Tharpe Jr.

12/03/19- Sara Elizabeth Dyson, age 38 of Lexington Park– Theft by DFC. Ball# 315.  CASE# 69214-19

Sara Elizabeth Dyson

12/03/19- Haley Elizabeth Morris, age 20 of Lexington Park– Theft by DFC. Ball# 315.  CASE# 69214-19 (No Photograph Available)

12/03/19- William Shawn Carter, age 45 of Lexington Park– Theft by Dep. Wynnyk# 351.  CASE# 69167-19

William Shawn Carter 

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