Awadalla Recognized for His Outstanding Leadership and Commitment to their Community

News Release, Food Lion

Ahmed Awadalla, store manager of the Food Lion located at 30290 Mt. Wolf Rd., Charlotte Hall, Md. 2062

SALISBURY, N.C. — Ahmed Awadalla, store manager of the Food Lion located at 30290 Mt. Wolf Rd., Charlotte Hall, Md. 20622, has been chosen among more than 1,000 other Food Lion store managers to be named one of five Food Lion Divisional Store Managers of the Year. The overall Food Lion brand winner will be chosen among the five divisional winners at a ceremony at Food Lion’s corporate office in Salisbury, N.C., on Feb. 6, 2020. Awadalla was chosen for his work to enrich the lives of Food Lion’s customers, associates and the Charlotte Hall community, and the successful leadership of his store’s business and how he supports and inspires others.

“Ahmed leads his team with passion and dedication,” said John Garlick, vice president of Food Lion’s Northern division. “He’s committed to being a good neighbor in the Charlotte Hall community and goes above and beyond to ensure that his store has everything families need to nourish their families. We’re very proud to have him be a member of the Food Lion team.”

Awadalla was selected from a group of more than 250 store managers across the division. Awadalla began his career with Food Lion in 2007, as a part-time office assistant, and has held the positions of part-time grocery associate, grocery manager, customer service manager, assistant store manager and store manager. A native of Cairo, Egypt, his native language is Arabic. His favorite sport is soccer and he is an avid supporter of Liverpool Football Club. Awadalla loves to travel and has visited 16 different countries.

A press release will be distributed on Feb. 6, 2020, naming the overall Food Lion brand winner, named in honor of one of Food Lion’s founders, Ralph W. Ketner

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